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17 Ain't Young is a song from The Archie Show.


Times have changed,

In many ways,

And seventeen ain't young.

Let's forget,

By-gone days,

'Cause seventeen ain't young.

Seventeen ain't young, no more,

Not like it was, once before,

It's old enough to know how you feel,

Old enough to know whem love is real,

And I know what I feel inside, girl,

I know it's right I be with you.

It may be,

That love is blind,

For seventeen ain't young.

You and me,

won't change their mind,

'Cause seventeen ain't young.

Now-a-days you gotta grow up fast,

We're old enough to be in love at last,

I'm only happy when I'm with you,

I couldn't wait another year or two,

So don't you worry, and don't you cry, girl,

Everything's gonna work out fine, you'll see.

Yes, it will,

Wait and see,

Seventeen ain't young.

Take my hand,

And trust me,

'Cause seventeen ain't young.

Oh, no, seventeen ain't young.

Seventeen ain't young.

Baby, seventeen ain't young.



Seventeen Ain't Young