Alice Cooper

Alice Cooper
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Alice Cooper
Betty Cooper (daughter)
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Betty’s mother appears at first glance to be identical to Archie’s mother Mary, except that her hair is light blonde. Betty claims to be a natural blonde, which Veronica disbelieves, but blonde hair appears to be a family trait. Alice Cooper’s maiden name was Smith (in one story, her first name is given as Helen and in another, her first name was given as Millie). She and Betty appear to have the closest mother-child relationship in Archie Comics. She is also a friend of Mary Andrews and Hermione Lodge. Alice shares the same name as the American Rock singer Alice Cooper.

A very warm-hearted and very beautiful woman, she is always there for Betty, very proud of her, and is always willing to help with her problems. Still, she hopes that Betty will eventually outgrow her tomboy phase and embrace some of Veronica's more desirable traits (though Betty does have several traditionally feminine interests). In later years, it is implied that Alice works, but this has not really been explored. She secretly envies the Lodge wealth a little, mainly because she wishes she could afford to buy Betty the nice things the Lodges buy for Veronica.



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