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Archie's Weird Mysteries
Season 1, Episode 36
Alternate Riverdales
Episode Information
Air date February 15, 2000
Chris Lundquist Jughead
Camille Schmidt Veronica
Andrew Rannells Archie
Paul Sosso Reggie
Danielle Young Betty
Ben Beck Dilton
Episode Guide
Archie's Date with Fate
Teen out of Time

This was the 35th episode of Archie's Weird Mysteries and the second part of a three part series where Archie travels through time and puts up with an angry fellow student named Vinnie Wells.


Somebody is changing the history of Riverdale and it is affecting Archie as things start to go bad for him from having his car disappear to having the whole town turn against him. Will Archie bring everything back to normal before it's too late?


Archie recounts the events from Archie's Date With Fate and the scene shifts to the local prison where a jailed Vinnie fumes that he'll make Archie Andrews pay for his incarceration. A second or so later, a future Vinnie materializes and offers to help his present day counterpart fulfill his wishes for revenge. The two vanish from the cell in a blinding flash of light.

At Riverdale High, Archie follows a trail of postcards left by an Area 51 alien looking to abduct Earth's cheerleaders to a dark classroom. Archie enters and encounters a small, multi-armed alien who Archie tries to convince to stop abducting cheerleaders. However, things change as Reggie reveals himself holding a puppet and pretending to be an alien. Reggie laughs repeatedly even as the room lights come on and other students join in on the laughter at Archie's expense. Archie fumes at being the butt of Reggie's practical joke and his day gets worse when Betty and Veronica confront Archie and demand that he choose one of them as his only girlfriend. When Archie openly hesitates and fumbles for a response, the girls grab him and shove him head first into a garbage can to show their anger with him, to Reggie's glee.

Some time later, at Pop Tate's, Jughead is given a burger by Reggie, who says Archie ordered it for him. Reggie leaves just before Archie sits down and bemoans his girl problems but Jughead thinks Archie is better off without girls. Archie talks about how his parents fell in love when they first saw each other outside a movie theater. A few moments later, Jughead takes a bit of his burger and is disgusted to find it is a veggie burger, which Jughead would never eat as he has sworn off vegetables. Blaming Archie for the burger based on what Reggie said earlier, an upset Jughead leaves even as Reggie, watching from a nearby booth, roars in laughter at his latest prank. Incensed, Archie grabs Reggie and tells him that he'll get his revenge some day.

After answering a call, Archie heads to the local prison and goes over the details of Vinnie's escape with Dilton, who says Vinnie escaped with the use of a time travel device. As they leave, Dilton says time travel can change their surroundings and no one will notice the difference except for Archie, who is infused with chronotons from his past travels. Archie and Dilton go to head back to the school for the chrono field generator so Archie can go back and stop Vinnie from changing history. However, just as the two are outside, Archie experiences a weird feeling, sees his red convertible is now pink and states Vinnie is already changing history.

Elsewhere, at another location, future Vinnie talks with present day Vinnie about their plans for Archie and the present day version thinks they are doing a boring plan. The future Vinnie, though, thinks they have a brilliant plan and gets the present day Vinnie to go back in the past to help ruin Archie and what Riverdale currently exists as. Archie and Dilton are traveling in Archie's car and Archie realizes that what Dilton said about him being the only person noticing changes in things is true. Moments later, Archie's car changes into a motor scooter and nothing at all and the two set out on foot for the school lab.

Archie realizes on the way that people can change too and this is confirmed when Big Ethel, normally fixated on Jughead as her crush, shows up with a crush on Dilton and Dilton says that is normal in this time line. Archie presses on by himself and encounters Jughead, a pronounced vegetarian, but keeps going. Archie encounters Betty and Veronica but their mannerisms and lifestyles have been completely switched. Archie gets a ride with Betty and learns that Weatherbee is now a sports coach, Beaumont is the school principal, Beaumont's shop is now a popular night club run by Miss Grundy, the library is now a Starbuck's and Professor Flutesnoot is a police officer who recently arrested Reggie for reading in public.

Archie arrives at the school but when he gets to the lab, he finds the room wrecked. However, Archie does find his time belt prototype and dons it but when he goes outside, he finds an angry mob waiting for him. Archie is dragged before Emperor Vinnie, who has Betty and Veronica worshipping at his feet. The future Vinnie explains he changed the past to ruin Archie's life and put his present day self in the position of ruler of the planet. The future Vinnie decides to go back in the past to make sure Archie's parents never meet and Archie could be wiped from existence completely.

Archie follows him using the time belt and stops Vinnie from interfering but the temporal devices cause feedback. The two are temporarily in limbo but when future Vinnie tries to use his time device before it recalibrates, he disappears and all signs of Vinnie and his actions disappear as well. Archie returns to Riverdale, even as a ghostly Vinnie vows revenge, and finds things have returned to normal with Reggie still fearing Archie's revenge and not believing Archie's swearing off his revenge vow.