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Archie's Weird Mysteries
Season 1, Episode 34
Archie's Date with Fate
Episode Information
Air date February 14, 2000
Chris Lundquist Jughead
Camille Schmidt Veronica
Andrew Rannells Archie
Paul Sosso Reggie
Danielle Young Betty
Ben Beck Dilton
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Attack of the 50 foot Veronica
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This was the 34th episode of Archie's Weird Mysteries and the first part of a three part series where Archie travels through time and puts up with an angry fellow student named Vinnie Wells.


It is a Groundhog Day-typed episode as Archie relives the same bad day over and over again. That's because his mad classmate named Vinnie Wells stole a time device from Dilton and is using it to try and rob the Riverdale Bank. Will Archie get it back before the day will keep rewinding itself forever?


At Riverdale High, Archie and Jughead helps Dilton Doiley with his testing of the Time Belt. Archie dons the device and goes fifteen seconds into the future with it and is a little disoriented by the trip. Dilton resolves to work the bugs out but Jughead says fate can't be changed with an invention like Dilton's.

Archie and Jughead head off to class but Mr. Weatherbee gets Archie to come to his office with him. Once there, the two see Vinnie Wells, who is in trouble for breaking into twenty school lockers. In the office, Weatherbee shows Archie a paper stating he has been awarded a journalism scholarship to study in Europe for his senior year of high school. Archie has until Friday to make up his mind but when he tells Jughead about this later on, Jughead says the stars have already made the decision for him. Archie says he makes his own fate and debunks the horoscope's prediction that he'll have a bad day. Shortly afterwards, however, Archie is hit in the head by an errant football throw.

At night, Dilton works to make his time belt work and figures the problem is the belt itself is too big to work properly. To that end, Dilton develops a hand held time time travel device called a chrono field generator. Dilton heads off to find Archie and show him the invention. At Pop Tate's, Archie's date with Veronica is briefly interrupted by a mooching Vinnie, who goes away grumbling how he hates Riverdale and everybody in it. Archie and Veronica share a large shake and moments later, Dilton arrives with his news. After a brief chat, Dilton leaves and Vinnie, who overhears the conversation, follows shortly thereafter. Veronica and Archie bicker about her attitude towards Dilton and Veronica leaves in a huff. Archie goes to catch up to her but is stopped by Dilton, who says someone stole the chrono field generator from him.

A moment or so later, scenes play backwards in Archie's day and the teenager rushes into Riverdale to make his class. Archie feels a sense of deja vu just before Mr. Weatherbee asks him to join him in his office. When Archie hears about the scholarship offer and other events start to repeat, he puzzles why things are repeating and he is the only one who notices.

Archie is at Pop Tate's later and tries to change the ways things happen but the events play out as before. After a flashback, Archie finds himself at school once again and fears he is repeating the same day over and over. Archie is determined to change the day's events but at Pop Tate's, Archie winds up with a milkshake on his head once again courtesy of Veronica and Betty fighting.

After a flashback, Archie is at Riverdale High once again and this time heads home to spend the day there. In bed, Archie is greeted by Pop Tate, who accidentally spills a milkshake on Archie. Back at Riverdale High, Archie tells Dilton what is happening with him and Dilton says Archie's body is filled with chrono phasatrons. Dilton goes on to say that someone must be misusing his chronto field generator, which is causing the time loops, and Archie looks to stop the person with the time belt. Archie goes back to the point the other time device was stolen and sees Vinnie was responsible for the theft. Archie follows Vinnie to a nearby bank and manages to stop Vinnie from stealing from it by grabbing the generator back from Vinnie before returning to the present.

Archie sees things have returned to normal even as Vinnie, under arrest for the attempted theft, vows to get revenge on him and all of Riverdale.