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Quote1 There's a way this summer should've gone in my opinion. Bottom line? We should've stuck together. Quote2
-- Jughead Jones

Appearing in "Archie #701"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

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  • Riverdale
    • Riverdale Gazette Offices
    • Riverdale High School
    • Mantle House

Synopsis for "Archie #701"Edit

In narration, Jughead tells how he found Richard Mantle's office ransacked, Mantle missing, and a trail of blood. Meanwhile, Archie discusses his past girlfriends with his current one, Sabrina. He gets a text from Jughead, who says he's being arrested for Mantle's disappearance. Betty and Veronica show up to aid him as well, but the police say they just want to ask him some questions. Reggie shows up, worried about his dad.

The next day, rumors fly about what happened to Richard Mantle. At lunch, Betty and Veronica discuss how Jughead will deal with the police interview. They then hit on Archie, who spies Sabrina across the room and pretends to be sick in order to escape them. This confirms the girls' suspicions. At the Mantle home, Reggie guesses the password on his dad's computer and finds a video message directed at him, saying that he's been investigating an dangerous story. A secret room open up, revealing a lot of research.


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