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Quote1 You think you know a place. More importantly, you think know the people who live in it. Quote2
-- Jughead Jones

Appearing in "Archie #702"Edit

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Synopsis for "Archie #702"Edit

Jughead gives his statement to the police about Richard Mantle's disappearance. Reggie is following his father's instructions, including wiping his computer so that no one else can discover what he's found. Betty and Veronica wonder why Archie hasn't told them he was dating anybody and surmise the girl doesn't want him to tell; they begin investigating, ostensibly because they don't want Archie to be in trouble. Archie, of course, is dating Sabrina.

Josie and the Pussycats have been staying at Cheryl's house, unable to tour for unknown reasons. Despite letting them stay, Cheryl is annoyed at their practicing. She then takes a call from Jason at the Howard County Jail.

Betty and Veronica decide that Archie is dating Midge. However, after following her, they discover her with Dilton; she explains they drifted apart over the summer. Betty and Veronica decide to set a trap. Jughead walks back home from the station, but is jumped by someone.


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