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Quote1 Uh-Uh. No Way. Not a Chance. Quote2
-- Archie Andrews

Appearing in "Archie #704"Edit

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Synopsis for "Archie #704"Edit

Archie is angry that Cheryl drafted him into the bachelor contest without his approval, but can't object that he already has a girlfriend since that's a secret. He agrees to it when she tells him some way in which it will help clear her brother's name. Sabrina is angry about this, but allows it after Archie reassures her. Sabrina intuits that Betty and Veronica are behind it and and plans a trap of their own.

Meanwhile, Reggie and Jughead are unable to figure out the significance of the cave paintings. Jughead suggests he look around Richard Mantle's secret room to see if he can figure anything out. They leave, but are watched by two masked figures.

The bachelor contest begins, with a group of girls vying for Archie's selection-- though with bribes to Cheryl, they could adjust the outcome. At last, it's time for Archie to make his final decision...


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