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Synopsis for "Archie and Sabrina"Edit

At the end of the bachelor contest, Archie declines to choose any of the contestants, but instead picks Cheryl. Off-camera, he explains to her that this way, he doesn't have to pretend to be interested in anybody, and she gets a shocking finale for the show. This annoys Betty and Veronica, but they concede that they might have gone too far anyway. They realize that, without Archie, there's no longer any conflict between them; unbeknownst to them, Veronica's planning to build something in the woods Betty's pledged to save.

Reggie and Jughead go to reexamine Richard Mantle's secret room, but find it's been cleared out. Archie and Sabrina meet on a rooftop. Archie apologizing for wanting to keep their relationship a secret, but Sabrina says she also wants to keep it a secret-- there's something coming, and it'd be better for them if they're keeping things quiet.


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