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Archie Vol 1 707
Jenn St-Onge
Francesco Francavilla
Sandy Jarrell
Information-silk Publisher
Nick Spencer
Mariko Tamaki
Jenn St-Onge
Matt Herms
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Quote1 "Riverdale Boy Dies Mysterious Death in Woods." Too bad Jughead won't be here to report. Quote2
-- Archie Andrews

Appearing in "Archie and Sabrina"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

Other Characters:


  • Riverdale
  • Wishful Woods
    • Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe
    • Baseball Field
    • Henry Higgins' Humble Costume Emporium
    • Game Arcade
    • Riverdale High School
    • Spellman House
    • Riverdale Theater

Synopsis for "Archie and Sabrina"Edit

Archie is being chased by wolves and runs headfirst into a tree. While he's still dazed, Sabrina shows up and uses her magic to frighten the wolves off. She introduces herself to Archie and reveals she's fixed his car.

Archie and Sabrina decide to show each other their favorite Riverdale hangouts, but Archie keeps talking about his absent friends, to Sabrina's mild annoyance. She concludes that they might be too different, but after talking with her aunts, she decides to give him another chance. Archie finds a note from her to meet her in the forest. She tells him that she didn't have any real friends growing up and that she doesn't want to be compared to his former girlfriends. They kiss and begin dating, trying not to think about fall.


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