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Archie Vol 1 709
Elsa Charretier
Paulina Ganucheau
Sweeney Boo
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Nick Spencer
Mariko Tamaki
Matt Herms
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Quote1 If you grow up in Riverdale, you know the woods are a place that can swallow you whole. Quote2
-- Jughead Jones

Appearing in "Archie and Sabrina"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

Other Characters:

  • Richard Mantle (Mentioned)
  • Community theatre actor
  • Police detectives
  • KatyKeene (photo)


  • Riverdale
    • Fox Forest
    • Riverdale Police Department
      • Coroner's Office
    • Riverdale Community Theatre

Synopsis for "Archie and Sabrina"Edit

The two figures remove their masks, revealing themselves to be Sabrina's aunts. Archie leaves, and Sabrina's aunts tell her that nothing can get in the way of what they're doing.

At the coroner's office, Reggie and his mother await news about the body. It was disfigured beyond recognition, but Richard Mantle's wallet was found on it. Meanwhile, Jughead is walking by a theatre when he recognizes one of the actors on the poster as the man who brought the book over. He confronts the actor backstage, who says he was hired to do so, and that it wasn't just him who was hired. A woman comes up to Reggie on the street and hands him a folder.

Betty and Veronica confront each other in the woods over the proposed construction. Sabrina tries to warn Veronica against it, but is ignored. Sabrina meets up with Archie, who tells her that he's figured out she and her family were witches, but figures that doesn't mean actual magic. Sabrina angrily asks what he'd think if it did mean actual magic, and leaves when Archie hesitates.

At the police station, one detective tells another that they received an anonymous tip that a teenager had entered the newspaper office before Jughead the night of the break in. The second detective says all the teens were at the Josie and the Pussycats concert, but the first one says not all of them were.

In the epilogue, there's buzz around a new girl, apparently well-known, coming to Riverdale.


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