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Quote1 Everything went from fine to nuclear in Riverdale practically overnight. I don't mean literally nuclear... it's just the relationships that got knocked flat. Quote2
-- Archie Andrews

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Synopsis for "Archie #10"Edit

Chapter One: I Thought He Was a Valet

Archie introduces the readers to Mr. Collier, a Riverdale High teacher (and Betty's uncle) whom students (and alumni) tend to either love or hate (and who is running for mayor). During Home Ec, he yells at Archie for somehow managing to fill a clothes drier with popcorn; Veronica records this on her phone. She shows it to some volunteers at her father's campaign headquarters; Pauline, the campaign manager, takes it and turns it into an attack ad.

Chapter Two: I'm Fine

While playing catch with Sayid, Betty talks about how angry she is at Archie over the incident. At school, she demands that he fix it; he grabs Raj and gets more footage of Collier teaching.

Chapter Three: Hey, Dogcatcher

Veronica finds that the Riverdale students (except those who hate Collier) are snubbing her. She demands that her father fix it, but he ignores her. Archie and Raj have created a positive ad for Collier, but when they try to show it to him, he thinks they've created another attack ad; furthermore, he's moving away from Riverdale.

Chapter Four: Pigs Don't Fly

Archie heads to a Lodge rally to try to find Veronica and gets caught between pro- and anti-Collier forces. He finds Betty, who is upset that he wasn't able to fix things and asks what he likes about Veronica. Archie replies that Veronica knows who she is, reminding Betty of the lipstick incident; she bitterly flees.


This issue included a reprint of "Depressed Area" from Archie's Pals 'n' Gals Vol 1 28.


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