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Quote1 Let's Rock. Quote2
-- Veronica Lodge, holding a cello.

Appearing in "Archie #11"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

Other Characters:


  • The Ronnies
  • Betty & the Waves



  • Archie's Guitar
  • Jughead's Drums
  • Veronica's Cello
  • Betty's Taiko
  • Betty's Tambourine

Synopsis for "Archie #11"Edit

Because of the Collier incident from the last issue, Veronica has decided to start a band (called The Ronnies) and enter Riverdale High's Talent Contest to become popular again; she thus recruits Archie, Jughead, Cricket, and Frankie. Still angry at them, Betty decides to put together her own band--consisting of herself, Sayid, Toni, Dilton, and Moose--called Betty & the Waves.

Shriek Freak

The other members of The Ronnies discover that Veronica is an awful singer.

Percussion Discussion

Betty pounds away on a taiko drum. The others comment that it sounds angry, which Betty denies.

Rehearsal Reversal/Tune Swoon

The other memebers of The Ronnies discover that Veronica is a wonderful singer--but only when she's looking at Archie.

Sweat Fret

The members of Betty's band become hot; Sayid takes off his shirt. Toni notes to herself that 'that boy needs some attention'.

Tambourine Dream

Moose suggests Betty play the tambourine instead; an emotional Betty runs outside.

Drum Scrum/Pals 'n' Gals

Archie yells at Jughead for being off-beat and then storms off. Jughead follows; Archie apologizes and says he wants Veronica to win. Jughead tells him not to worry because there's no competition in the band category.

Jingle Jangle

Sayid goes to comfort Betty, who admits that she's upset in part because she and Archie used to make music together. One of their bandmates says that they entered them into the talent contest.

Chapter Two: TWUNGG

The school is divided over support of the two bands. The Ronnies perform first; Veronica is unable to sing for a few moments when Archie trips offstage, but Jughead is able to cover with a drum solo. Betty & the Waves perform, and the crowd starts a chant demanding to know which band won. Archie and Betty meet outside and apologize, saying they still want to be friends and that they don't even care who won. They hug as Veronica and Sayid spy on them.


This issue also includes a reprint of "Music Soothes" from Archie Vol 1 185.


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