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Appearing in "Archie #12"Edit

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  • Archie's Car
  • Archie's Guitar

Synopsis for "Archie #12"Edit

Chapter One: ...Now You Don't.

Veronica hasn't been speaking to Archie since she saw him hug Betty. Meanwhile, Sayid accuses Betty of still being in love with Archie. Veronica finally texts Archie, but he's asleep. The election results for mayor come in, and Mr. Lodge lost, angering him greatly; that night, he tells Smithers, 'It's time'.

Chapter Two: Morning in Riverdale

It's a teachers' day, so there's no school. Betty is planning to meet Sayid at Pop's, but first goes to talk to Veronica.

Chapter Three: RRRrrrRRRrrr

The two girls discuss Betty's complicated feelings about Archie. Archie discovers Veronica's text and desperately contacts her. Betty is told by Sayid that if she doesn't meet him soon, they're through. Mr. Lodge announces that his family is leaving Riverdale. Archie tries to keep in contact with Veronica, but his phone dies; he tries to drive to the airport, but his car won't start. Betty decides not to meet Sayid but instead pick up Archie; they rush to the airport but are too late.


This issue includes a reprint of "Moose!" from Archie's Pals 'n' Gals Vol 1 222.


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