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Quote1 Let Jughead explain this one. Quote2
-- Archie Andrews

Appearing in "Archie #14"Edit

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  • Riverdale
    • Riverdale Mall
  • Switzerland
    • Lycée Camembert
    • Cafe Raclette
  • Paris

Synopsis for "Archie #14"Edit

Chapter One: The Pavement King

At the mall, Archie attempts to get Jughead to buy a phone; he talks about how he's planning a surprise party for his parents' 20th anniversary. A girl, Madison, wants to get with Archie because he dated Veronica; Archie is too nice to turn her down directly. At dinner at her house, her father gets mad at Archie for leading his daughter on. Archie decides to emulate Jughead, not caring about anything.

Chapter Two: Meanwhile, in... Switzerland

Veronica's still mad about what Cheryl did to Julia; Cheryl insults Veronica's father. The two declare war.

Chapter Three: Invasive is Fine

Archie stuffs his face like Jughead and winds up in a food coma. Jughead reminds him that he still needs to plan his parents' anniversary party, but Archie doesn't care anymore.

Chapter Four: Simultaneously, in... Switzerland

Veronica begins winning the boarding students over to her side from Cheryl's, planning a large party in Paris. Cheryl learns of this and flies to Paris, intending to crash the party; however, this was a trick by Veronica, who actually stayed to host the party in Switzerland. However, Veronica doesn't feel good about winning.

Chapter Five: Victory...?

Jughead intends to get Archie back to normal and begins planning his parents' anniversary himself.


This issue contains a preview of Jughead Vol 3 10.


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