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Quote1 Hi. I'm the man in the middle. Of trouble. As usual. Quote2
-- Archie Andrews

Appearing in "Archie #19"Edit

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Synopsis for "Archie #19"Edit

Chapter One: When All is Sad and Done

The spark between Archie and Veronica is still gone. Mr. Lodge plans to subtly introduce her to suitors to replace Archie.

Chapter Two: P-Too!

Mr. Lodge tells Veronica she's judging a teen achievement award. When she tells the gang, Jughead sees through the ruse.

Chapter Three: People are Vampires

Jughead goes to Bolling Woods, where Archie is attempting to camp, and convinces him to give Veronica another chance.

Chapter Four: Bartók

At the ceremony, Veronica realizes all the candidates are her father's hand-picked suitors for her. Archie and Jughead arrive; Veronica decides to give the award to Jughead. The spark between Archie and Veronica returns.

Chapter Five: Dad?

Mr. Blossom accidentally lets it slip that he's not Jason and Cheryl's real father.


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