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Quote1 Because I want you to live. That's why. Quote2
-- Jughead Jones, pushing Archie away from a construction site.

Appearing in "Archie #2"Edit

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  • Archie's car

Synopsis for "Archie #2"Edit

Chapter One: It's Better Than "Forsythe"

Archie discusses how he needs money, mainly for car repairs (since Betty stopped fixing his car when they broke up), but can't hold down a job due to his clumsiness. He also narrates how Jughead's family used to be rich before his father lost all their money in a bad investment. Meanwhile, in her room, Betty gets upset at Trevor's advances.

Chapter Two: One of the Guys

After Betty kicks Trevor out, she is visited by Sheila, who encourages her to doll herself up for her birthday party that night. After doing so, however, Betty doesn't like it.

Chapter Three: Cakewalk

Archie gets a job at the Lodge Manor construction site. A group of his friends follow him to prevent him from hurting himself or destroying anything, but he nevertheless sets a giant globe (meant for a statue) loose, causing him to lose the job.

Chapter Four: Not My Special Talent

Archie goes back to the site at night to clean up the mess he made--and to avoid Betty's party next door. Mr. Lodge and his daughter arrive to inspect the site; swooning over the girl, Archie causes a bulldozer to activate, which drives into the mansion's foundation and destroys it. He flees the scene and returns home to discover that his car is mysteriously fixed (unbeknownst to him, Betty had repaired it). Next door, Betty makes a wish and blows out her candles.


This issue also included a reprint an Archie story from Jackpot Comics #6.


According to this story, Jughead got his nickname because his father made a bad investment in a water bottling plant called "PureJug".

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