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Food Dude

Pop refuses to give Jughead any more food until he pays his tab. Jughead offers to work as a waiter; he insists on serving everyone hamburgers in spite of what they actually order. He gets Pop to serve him a complimentary burger, but gets a phone call and runs out before finishing it.

Creature Teacher

Raj and Sheila sneak into the school to film scenes for Raj's movie; Mr. Weatherbee catches them and is about to punish them when he gets a phone call and rushes off.

Purple Passion

Veronica asks her father to convince Tesla to make a car in Persian indigo; Mr. Lodge has her pretend he's the head of the car company and negotiate with him. When she finds a tactic that he approves of, he reveals he had a custom car already made and delivered. Veronica gets a phone call and speeds off.

Brain Drain

Dilton is making a helmet for Betty to help her study and is testing it on Moose. Moose appears to become dumber, but is just messing with Dilton; Dilton gets a call and they rush to the hospital.

Betty is in serious condition; she flatlines and doesn't seem to respond to the defibrillator.


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