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Synopsis for "Reggie Arrested"Edit

Chapter One: Sounds Expensive

Betty is still wheelchair-bound, but is out of the hospital and back to school more quickly than expected. The Coopers are remodeling their house to accommodate a wheelchair. Hal Cooper tells Fred Andrews that, due to Archie being involved in the racing accident, he doesn't want contact--with any of the Andrews family.

Chapter Two: Reggie is a Good Boy

Archie has been grounded for a month. Reggie, meanwhile, is under house arrest and is possibly facing jail time. His father's paper is publishing articles demonizing him.

Chapter Three: But Thank You

Various students are doing fundraising to help the Coopers. She thanks them and cheerfully tells them not to worry about her. Back home, she asks her father why Archie hasn't come by; he doesn't tell her he's been grounded. In her room, Betty stumbles trying to get out of her wheelchair and begins crying.

Chapter Four: Family Meeting

Archie's dad calls a family meeting and tells Archie he's going to sell the Mustang; Archie replies that he's already sold it. He delivers the check to Mr. Cooper, who slams the door in his face when he asks to see Betty. He draws a heart in the condensation on her window, which makes her smile.


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