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Quote1 Betty's father is a jerk. Quote2
-- Archie Andrews

Appearing in "Archie #25"Edit

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Synopsis for "Archie #25"Edit

Chapter One: Why Won't They Call?

Archie and Veronica discuss Betty while playing golf. Veronica's upset that Archie only seems to want to talk about Betty instead of them.

Chapter Two: Matching Hats

Betty and Jughead are hanging out in the backyard. There's a flashback to a time where Hot Dog was hit by a car and Betty kept Jughead company at the vet's overnight. Back in the present, Jughead tells Betty that he has a plan to keep her parents occupied while she can talk to Archie.

Chapter Three: Mister Trust Fund

Reggie is put into jail, where he meets an in-mate he realizes is Cheryl and Jason's father.

Chapter Four: We Need to Talk Jughead goes to Betty's house and talks to her parents, saying that it's unfair that they've kept her from Archie. Her father gets mad, but her mother seems penitent.

Chapter Five: All That Matters Toni escorts Archie to behind the school, where Betty is waiting. They discuss how not just her father, but her mother as well would be angry if they found out they were meeting; Archie stresses that they can't let he find out. Veronica overhears this part without context.


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