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Quote1 And that's when things got complicated. Quote2
-- Archie Andrews

Appearing in "Archie #26"Edit

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Synopsis for "Archie #26"Edit

Chapter One: If I Could Reach His Face

Veronica, thinking Archie is secretly dating Betty again, is mad. Meanwhile, Archie is still talking to Betty; her father arrives, but Archie manages to evade him. Betty's father begins wheeling her away, only to notice Jughead watching nearby, and storm away in a huff.

Chapter Two: The Dilton Zone

Dilton fixes Toni's bike. She gives him advice about Betty, telling him to tell her about his feelings.

Chapter Three: Every Time

Archie and Betty talk, wondering why he hasn't heard from Veronica. They head to Pop's, where Veronica is flirting with Jason. They argue and Archie leaves with Betty. A regretful Veronica leaves the diner and runs into Archie, who tells her he's realized what happened: that she overheard them talking and misinterpreted it. She says she can tell Archie still thinks of Betty more than just a friend, and asks him to choose. Meanwhile, Betty meets with Dilton, who reveals his feelings and asks whether she wants to be his friend or his boyfriend.


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