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Quote1 I've never been good with choosing. Quote2
-- Archie Andrews

Appearing in "Archie #27"Edit

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Synopsis for "Archie #27"Edit

Chapter One: I Built a Speedometer

As Veronica and Dilton are asking Archie and Betty, respectively, to choose, Veronica and Betty are dragged off by their parents to appointments. Archie is sad; Dilton distracts himself with projects.

Chapter Two: Don't Get Cocky

Toni checks in to see how Dilton's encounter went, and encourages him to ask her to the spring dance.

Chapter Three: Long Night's Journey Into Day

Archie tries texting Veronica all night. In the morning, Veronica cries as she packs up her mementos of Archie, telling her mother she wants Archie and Betty to be happy. Archie asks Jughead for advice; he flips a coin, and before it lands, has Archie blurt out who he wants to choose. He chooses Betty. Wondering how he'll tell Veronica, he comes home and finds the box of mementos, then rushes to Betty's.

Chapter Four: Choose

Archie sees Dilton with a package (souped-up crutches) at Betty's; he hides in the bushes. Betty greets Dilton, walking unsupported; she's made terrific progress. She tells Dilton she just wants to be friends, and he sadly leaves. Archie talks to her, but she tells him they can't proceed yet, because she knows he still feels guilty about what happened to her. She goes inside, and he and Dilton commiserate.


Archie, breaking the fourth wall, reminisces about the events that happened in the comic between issue one and now.


Richard Mantle enters his office to find his son sitting on his desk. He's spent the family's savings to keep Reggie out of jail; Reggie says they can sell thousands of papers with the story that the Blossom family has a criminal past.


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