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Quote1 "Impending sense of doom?" No, why? Quote2
-- Archie Andrews

Appearing in "Archie #28"Edit

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  • Archie's dates


Synopsis for "Archie #28"Edit

Chapter One: Riverdale's: The Bachelor

The Spring Dance is coming up, and Archie has no date; Betty and Veronica are both off the table, and his bad luck befalls all the other girls he tries. Jughead encourages him to focus on something other than dating.

Chapter Two: Deer Veronica

Betty and Veronica discuss Archie and the Spring Dance. Betty is comfortable going alone, but Veronica feels her reputation prohibits her from doing so. They decide to go together.

Chapter Three: Plight of the Weatherbee

The preparations for the Spring Dance are coming along nicely, despite Archie's involvement.

Chapter Four: One Big Happy Family

Reggie's father is upset that he won't share his scoop about the Blossoms with him for free. Reggie sneaks out of the house and goes on a spending spree with his parents' money. Eventually, he decides to go to the Spring Dance and reveal the Blossoms' secret there.

Chapter Five: Oswald Prison Blues

The Blossom twins' biological father talks to his cellmate about how telling Reggie about them was a mistake, and how he needs to get out and see them before he gets transferred.


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