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Quote1 It's going to be alright! Quote2
-- Archie Andrews

Appearing in "Archie #29"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

Other Characters:

  • Archie's dates (from the previous issue)
  • Mary Andrews (Mentioned)


  • Riverdale
    • Riverdale High
    • Andrews House
    • Car Dealership
    • Pop's Chok'lit Shoppe
    • Cooper House
    • Dilton's House
    • Blossom House
    • Oswald Prison

Synopsis for "Archie #29"Edit

Chapter One: And the Beat Goes On

Despite his romance issues, Archie cheers himself up by noting that he's going to be playing at the Spring Dance; however, he can't find his guitar.

Chapter Two: Reggie Changes His Tune

Reggie, claiming to have turned over a new leaf, helps Dilton set up the audio systems for the dance, to Weatherbee's and Moose's distrust. However, Reggie has an ulterior motive in making sure that everyone in the gym will be able to hear his announcement about the Blossoms. Cheryl and Jason threaten him not to say anything (having been cut off and not having anything to bribe him with); this doesn't work, as Reggie now holds a grudge.

Chapter Three: High-Strung

Archie looks all over town for his guitar. He and Jughead head over to Dilton's to see if he can help, where they see him trying to teach Moose to dance. They also find the guitar, which his father had loaned to Dilton to tune up.

Chapter Four: Garden of Lies

The Blossom twins confront their parents about their real father. Their mother tells them he was a man named Eddie Sheers, who she ditched when he was arrested. She then married rich Clifford Blossom. Even from jail, Eddie was able to find her and extort money from them. Their mother warns them not to go near him. Meanwhile, however, Eddie has escaped from prison and is looking for them.


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