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Quote1 Her name is Veronica Lodge. Her Dad's a jillionaire. She starts Riverdale today. I'm gonna make it the best day of her life. Quote2
-- Archie Andrews

Appearing in "Nice Purse, Andrews"Edit

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  • Dodgeballs

Synopsis for "Nice Purse, Andrews"Edit

Archie escorts Veronica around school, carrying her books and holding her purse when she enters to the girls' room. She reveals she knows that he was the one who destroyed her father's mansion, but that she doesn't care (in fact, she thinks it was hilarious to see her father so angry).

Appearing in "Then Taylor Sang to Katie"Edit

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Synopsis for "Then Taylor Sang to Katie"Edit

Jughead is concerned that Archie's letting Veronica push him around. He tries to enlist Betty to help, but she's still sore over their breakup. He meets with Archie at the gym and angrily glares at Veronica.

Appearing in "Who's Your Chef?"Edit

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Synopsis for "Who's Your Chef?"Edit

In the lunchroom, Veronica sits with Sheila and Ginger and discovers her wealth makes her out of touch. She takes one bite of a sloppy joe and vomits all over herself. She strides confidently to the girls' room but breaks down sobbing once inside.

Appearing in "Parade Float"Edit

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Synopsis for "Parade Float"Edit

Betty helps Veronica clean up and gets a new outfit for her to wear. Veronica, however, insults the dress and instead calls in some from her home; she further angers Betty by calling Archie 'Archiekins', prompting her to agree to save Archie from her clutches.


This issue also included a reprint of Pep Comics Vol 1 26.


The "Taylor" in Veronica's anecdote is likely singer Taylor Swift. "Katie" might be Katie Price or Katy Perry.

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