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Quote1 It's almost time! Quote2
-- Archie Andrews

Appearing in "Archie #30"Edit

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Synopsis for "Archie #30"Edit

Chapter One: It's the Final Countdown

Archie prepares for his gig at the dance, insisting that it's not a distraction from his love life issues.

Chapter Two: Date Fight

Moose and Toni are at a restaurant, before the dance, with their dates. Moose's date, Janet, storms off when she decides he isn't ideal enough, and Toni chases after her date when she leaves in tears, saying she's been ignoring her all night. Moose talks to the waitress, Midge; it's revealed that Moose wanted to ask her out, but was afraid she'd say no. They decide to go together.

Chapter Three: Like Father, Like Son

Reggie gets ready for the dance. His father chews him out for taking his car and wallet, but Reggie calls him out for calling him a parasite. His father asks him about his Blossom scoop, but he still refuses, especially since he's going to spill it at the dance. He takes his father's car, having made a copy of the key.

Chapter Four: Memory Lane

Principal Weatherbee reminisces about Riverdale High's past dances. He is almost hit when Archie knocks over one of the pillar decorations, but manages to catch it in time. Archie takes the stage, where Jughead informs him that the band can't make it, due to disasters that Archie inadvertently caused. Jughead finds a local band--Josie and the Pussycats--as a last-minute replacement. Betty, Veronica, Reggie, Moose, Midge, the Blossoms, and others arrive. So does, ominously, Eddie Sheers.


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