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Quote1 "It" = the thing that broke up me and Betty. "It" = the lipstick incident... You want to hear about it? Quote2
-- Archie Andrews

Appearing in "#LipStickIncident Revealed"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

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  • Riverdale
    • Park
      • Water Tower
      • Restrooms
    • Betty's House
    • Mall
    • Movie Theater


  • Archie's Guitar
  • Jughead's Drums
  • Goo-Bar

Synopsis for "#LipStickIncident Revealed"Edit

Chapter One: Yes, Of Course We Want To Hear About It. Obviously.

Archie and Jughead are playing instruments in Archie's garage. Jughead offers Archie a Goo-Bar, which upsets him because it reminds him of the "lipstick incident." He reminisces about the Fourth of July, when he and Betty had a fun time and promised each other they'd never change. They share a Goo-Bar, which attracts ants; they run to a restroom to wash up. Betty runs into Sheila and Maria inside, who begin making fun of her when they exit. Archie overhears and confronts them; not wanting to make him mad, Sheila and Maria invite Betty to hang out sometime.

Chapter Two: Lizzie

Maria and Sheila start judging Betty, telling her she should be more girly and start going by 'Lizzie'. They take her to a mall for a makeover; that night, Betty goes on a date with Archie with her new, provocative look.

Chapter Three: #LipstickIncident

Archie is visibly uncomfortable with how Betty has changed. Self-conscious, Betty flees the theater; Archie follows and angrily expresses his dissatisfaction; Betty smears lipstick on his face and wryly notes that he's still the same with it on. She then leaves and doesn't respond to his texts.

Back in the present, Archie finds that Jughead has left, but that Veronica has arrived, and watches him play guitar. Next door, Betty and Jughead have recruited Reggie to help separate the two.


This issue also included a reprint of "The Great Lover" from Archie 36.


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