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Quote1 Let me tell you the kind of week I've had. Quote2
-- Archie Andrews

Appearing in "Archie #5"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

Other Characters:

  • Gillian



  • Reggie's Motorcycle
  • Archie's Guitar

Synopsis for "Archie #5"Edit

Chapter One: Guy Walks Into a Pet Shop

After introducing the readers to resident jerk Reggie Mantle (and telling them how the only time they got along was back in fourth grade, when he told a joke) Archie is called on by Veronica to set up a tent for a party. Sheila Wu is spying on them and takes a photo of Archie. Reggie discovers this, and finds out the reason why; Sheila asks him not to tell anyone.

Chapter Two: So Does a Head of Lettuce

Reggie meets with Betty and Jughead under the bleachers. He agrees to help get Archie to break up with Veronica if they get him a fake I.D. He comes up a plan to make Veronica get inexcusably angry at an innocent person; Jughead volunteers to bear her wrath.

Chapter Three: This Could Get Messy

Reggie shows Sheila's locker, which is plastered with photos of Archie, to Veronica. She gets jealously enraged and drags Archie to confront her; before she goes ballistic, however, Betty, displeased that Reggie involved an innocent in the plan other than Jughead, reveals that Sheila's interest in Archie was because she was designing a fashion line based around his look. Veronica instantly goes from angry to praising it; Archie's just confused.

Chapter Four: Don't.

At Veronica's party, Betty confesses to Jughead that she thinks Veronica might actually love Archie. Archie gives Reggie a poorly-made fake I.D. (with his own picture on it) and tells him not to mess with his friends. He then goes to Betty and Jughead and tells them he suspects they were trying to interfere with him and Veronica, and that they should probably stay away from him for the time being. Then, as Veronica continually calls him, he finally finishes the joke Reggie had told him.

Epilogue: 18

Reggie meets a woman (Gillian) outside a nightclub, but can't go inside because he doesn't have his fake I.D.; another woman tells Gillian that he's a sophomore. Reggie blames Archie.


This issue contains a reprint of "All Balled Up" from Archie #32.


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