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Quote1 Maybe I should try to make up with Jug and Betty. All I have to do with Jug is feed him... and I'm sure Betty holds no grudge. Quote2
-- Archie Andrews

Appearing in "Archie #6"Edit

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  • Softball
  • Archie's Guitar

Synopsis for "Archie #6"Edit

Chapter One: Betty, Right?

During softball practice, Betty imagines the ball to be Veronica's head and hits it incredibly hard for a home run; it lands on Archie's head, giving him a concussion. Some other students take him to the hospital; this prevents him from driving Veronica home, so Reggie does instead. After practice, a teammate, Sayid, chats up Betty, who finds him cute.

Chapter Two: Kind of a Big Deal

Reggie hits on Veronica, who ignores him. He tries to introduce himself to Mr. Lodge, who mistakes him for a servant. Arriving home, he finds his parents aren't there, so he snoops on his Dad's computer and finds an exposé about Hiram Lodge.

Chapter Three: Are You Still Here?

Reggie lets Mr. Lodge look at his father's article; Mr. Lodge questions his motives and tells him that access to the local media is small potatoes for him. Betty learns from Pop Tate that Archie's in the hospital, and Sayid learns from him that Archie is her ex. Veronica tells her ghost writer, Jessamyn, about how she fell in love with Archie when she watched him accidentally destroy Lodge Manor, but that her father doesn't know it was him yet. At the hospital, Betty confesses to Archie's parents that she hit the softball that gave him the concussion; they then realize that they haven't told Veronica yet.

Chapter Four: The Butler Did It

Veronica learns that Archie's in the hospital and rushes over. Reggie convinces Smithers to help dig up dirt on Archie; he lets him read her diary, where he learns about the destruction of the mansion.

Chapter Five: Klik

Archie stays overnight at the hospital; his parents promise Betty not to tell him about the softball. That night, Reggie sneaks in and takes his picture; he shows it to Mr. Lodge the next day, who recognizes it as the boy who destroyed his mansion.


This issue contains a reprint of "The Caddy" from Archie #15.


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