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Quote1 Not bad. You? Quote2
-- Archie Andrews, getting run over by a steamroller driven by Mr. Lodge and Reggie.

Appearing in "Archie #7"Edit

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  • Printers

Synopsis for "Archie #7"Edit

Chapter One: Family Time!

At dinner, Mr. Lodge tells Veronica he knows Archie destroyed their house and that he's hired Reggie as a consultant. Angered, Veronica storms up to her room, where Archie is waiting on a tree branch outside her window. Veronica updates him on the situation; as Archie is climbing down, he spies Betty and Sayid walking hand-in-hand, causing him to lose his concentration and fall.

Chapter Two: Sacred Trust

Archie heads to Pop's, where he pays for Jughead's food. They realize Pop probably has dirt on Reggie, but he refuses to divulge anything (or anything about the boy Betty's seeing). He does, however, point them towards Reggie's father's newspaper.

Chapter Three: Stop the Presses

Archie gets a job in the Riverdale Gazette printing department, but is quickly fired because of his clumsiness. He overhears Mr. Mantle talk about Reggie's record, the only copy of which is in his office; Archie decides that stealing would be stooping too low, however.

Chapter Four: Since When Do You Call Me "Richard"?

Dejected, Archie returns to Pop's. Reggie and his father arrive to celebrate Reggie's new job; unaware that Archie is there, they begin insulting him. Pop calls Reggie over and whispers that the only reason Mr. Lodge is employing him is because he doesn't know about some unknown incident. Reggie becomes nervous and depressed; when Mr. Lodge arrives, he insults him, making Lodge fire him.


This issue includes a reprint of a story from Archie Vol 1 #18.


  • Jughead apparently got his hat in an embarrassing way.
  • After Archie's failed snooping attempt, Jughead calls him The Man from R.I.V.E.R.D.A.L.E.

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