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Quote1 Him. Quote2
-- Mr. Lodge, picking Archie out of a line-up.

Appearing in "Archie #8"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

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  • Riverdale
    • Lodge Manor
    • Archie's House
    • Pet Emporium


  • Archie's Guitar
  • Jughead's Drums

Synopsis for "Archie #8"Edit

Chapter One: 2 Kittens and a Puppy

While his friends remove the trophy stuck on his head, Archie recounts how Mr. Lodge has given him a series of ill-fated odd jobs to keep him from seeing Veronica. At the mansion, Mr. Lodge reveals that he is running for mayor, which is why he moved his family to Riverdale. He discovers a red hair on Veronica, who claims it's from her cat; the next day, she buys an orange-haired cat from the pet store.

Chapter Two: Good News!

Archie is worried that Mr. Lodge will do something to permanently end his relationship with Veronica. His dad excitedly arrives home and announces he got an amazing job offer from Lodge Industries, but that it requires a year of training in Singapore, necessitating the family to move. Archie is torn between telling his father of Lodge's true motives or letting him remain proud of himself.

Chapter Three: Condos! Archie talks with Betty, who tells him he should tell his father the truth. However, when he hears his father express joy at being able to afford college for him, Archie remains silent.

Chapter Four: Victory

Archie heads to Lodge Manor to confront Mr. Lodge, telling him that he knows that he's using his Dad to get rid of him, but that he'll go to Singapore anyway. What he doesn't know is that his father is in the next room and overhears them; once Archie leaves, he confronts Mr. Lodge and turns down the job. Beaten, Mr Lodge allows Veronica to see Archie--as long as it's as his house.


This issue contains a reprint of "Athlete's Feat" from Archie Annual #3.


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