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Quote1 So it's come to this. Quote2
-- Archie Andrews

Appearing in "Archie #9"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

Other Characters:


  • Riverdale
    • Archie's House
    • Petey's Park N' Save


  • Josie and the Pussycats (Photo)


  • Archie's Guitar
  • Mitzushiba 4K 160-inch display TV

Synopsis for "Archie #9"Edit

Chapter One: Down and Out in Riverdale

Veronica hangs out at Archie's house, but misses the luxuries she's used to. His mother tells her to do whatever she needs to feel at home.

Chapter Two: Simple Comforts

Veronica brings in many luxury items in Archie's house, including a large TV (which his father loves) and servants, which his mother initially appreciates. Soon, however, Mrs. Andrews tells her husband that she misses the simple lifestyle, a conversation that Archie and Veronica overhear.

Chapter Three: Veg Oil

Archie confesses to Betty that he thinks Veronica's going to dump him because of their class differences. Betty says that if she is, she's not worth it; the two share a spark, but are interrupted by a call from Veronica. She had tried to go grocery shopping, but got overwhelmed; Archie comforts and kisses her.

Chapter Four: ♪

As Archie plays guitar for Veronica, he tells the audience that she got rid of the servants and expensive objects and that they'll compromise. His music drifts over to a heartbroken Betty.


This issue includes a reprint of "The House that Lodge Built" from Archie Vol 1 138.


  • The cups in the Andrews household's cupboard include a souvenir Josie and the Pussycats glass, a Grim Fandango mug, and a Cape Cod mug.

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