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Quote1 Plan a party, Jughead! How hard could it be? Quote2
-- Jughead Jones

Appearing in "Archie #15"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

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  • Riverdale
    • Archie's House
  • Switzerland
    • Lycée Camembert

Synopsis for "Archie #15"Edit

Chapter One: Don't Be Absurd

Jughead, overwhelmed with planning Archie's parents' anniversary party, turns to Kevin for help. They plan to rent a fountain to replicate a romantic moment in their life. Jughead manages to get Archie back to normal, but he feels guilty that he didn't get his parents a gift.

Chapter Two: Surprise

At the party, Archie gives his parents a quarter to toss into the fountain. Jughead realizes that Archie wanted to be him because he's never had a broken heart.

Chapter Three: Swiss Miss

Veronica tells her father that they have to destroy Cheryl. Smithers tells Mr. Lodge that perhaps the boarding school isn't the best thing for her.

Chapter Four: Here to Gloat?

Lodge corporation buys out Blossom-Comm; Veronica has won. She feels guilty and calls her father; Mr. Lodge says that Blossom-Comm was near bankruptcy, so she didn't ruin anyone's life, and that he's allowing her to go back to Riverdale at the end of the semester. Veronica heads to Cheryl's room to apologize; Cheryl reveals that due to the buyout, her whole family has to relocate to Riverdale. She hints that she's going to move in on Archie.


This issue includes a preview of Reggie and Me Vol 2 1.


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