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-- Archie Andrews

Appearing in "Archie #17"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

Other Characters:


  • Riverdale
    • Killmotor Hill Drive
      • Killmotor Koffee
  • Switzerland
    • Lycée Camembert

Synopsis for "Archie #17"Edit

Chapter One: Get Your Head Outta the Rainclouds

Cheryl anonymously texts Archie, planning to steal him away from Veronica.

Chapter Two: Swiss Miss

Veronica asks her father what the terms of the buyout were. She throws herself into her schoolwork, intending to get done early so she can get to Riverdale as soon as possible. However, one of her teachers is replaced by Mr. Collier, still upset at her and her father; he asks her to design him a suit as her final assignment.

Chapter Three: The Seduction of Archie Andrews

Cheryl sends Archie and his friends gifts and stages a video where she rescues someone from a car crash.

Chapter Four: Blasted Lamp

Veronica bribes the school staff so that Mr. Collier dresses in her suit in from of the other students, earning their praise and making it so he can't fail her. Veronica rushes to Riverdale.

Chapter Five: Baby Penguins

Cheryl arranges a meeting with Archie; he arrives rolling down a hill in a molasses barrel. Cheryl finds him too pathetic to steal. Veronica arrives and tells Cheryl that there was a large cash payout to her father, so that he's lying to her that she's not rich anymore.


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