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Quote1 I hope you're ready for a night of romance, 'cause I sure am! Quote2
-- Archie Andrews

Appearing in "Archie #18"Edit

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Synopsis for "Archie #18"Edit

Chapter One: No Reason

Archie uses a RydeCar service to pick up Veronica for a date. Meanwhile, Dilton tries to take Betty to the science museum, but it's closed. They bond over cars.

Chapter Two: Detective Jughead Jones

Cheryl and Jason tell Jughead that if he investigates why their father's keeping their wealth a secret, they'll cover his tab at Pop's for two months.

Chapter Three: Double Date

Archie and Veronica go on their date, but find they've drifted apart already.

Chapter Four: The Temptation of Dilton Doiley

Betty and Dilton go to an Auto show and have a great time.

Chapter Five: Jughead Jones, Gumshoe

Jughead directly asks Mr. Blossom why he's been hiding money from his kids; he slams the door in his face. Jughead says that all he had to do was try, and so the Blossom twins still owe him two months of burgers.

Chapter Six: Coil Pack?

Betty and Dilton head home and make plans for another date. Archie and Veronica head home and deny that anything's wrong between them.


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