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Archie's Weird Mysteries
Season 1, Episode 5
Attack of the 50 foot Veronica
Episode Information
Air date October 30, 1999
Chris Lundquist Jughead
Camille Schmidt Veronica
Andrew Rannells Archie
Paul Sosso Reggie
Danielle Young Betty
Ben Beck Dilton
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This was the 5th episode of Archie's Weird Mysteries.


While planning for her pool party, Veronica accidentally put her finger on Dilton's new growth ray and grows to a 50 foot tall teenager. It's up Archie, Dilton & Jughead to bring her back to her normal size seven.


We start with Dilton testing out his new growth ray on fruit & vegetables, but it didn't work. At least not on those, but little did they know that a beetle that roamed those healthy treats started to grow, indicating that it only works on bugs or so we think.

Later, Archie & Dilton went to Pop's Diner for burgers. Jughead was already there doing his usual feasting of burgers. Veronica (as usual) doesn't like Jughead's eating habits and therefore she refused to invite him to her upcoming pool party. Archie warned her in retaliation about her crummy attitude and asked her what if she were different in the eyes of other people. Ronnie says she doesn't and that's why everyone loves her.

Next after having a burger under his crown, Jughead goes to Betty's house to help bake a cake for Veronica's party. But this cake baking session was interrupted by the same beetle from before, only now it was gigantic. When Betty saw it, she screamed so loudly that some of her breakables broke and the cake deflated. So Betty called Archie for help while Jughead was fending it off. Archie at that time was blowing balloons for the party. He even thought Betty was talking about a still living beetle (Paul McCartney in this case). But eventually Archie dashed off to the scene and Veronica came with him thinking that this is one of Betty's schemes to take Archie for herself. When they got to the house, Betty explained what happened.

Archie went back to the school and told Dilton about the beetle, thinking that it was the growth ray that enlarged the bug. While they were having their conversation, Veronica with her curious mind turned on the ray put her finger to it and it zapped her. So Veronica started to grow just as Archie was about to leave the lab.

Later that night, Veronica while preparing for a date, called Fresco Fashions to complain about the dress she was about to wear which suddenly didn't fit. Archie arrived and with no other dress to wear since they didn't fit either, Veronica was forced to wear her father's jogging suit. She even thought the roof of Archie's car was lower. At the movies, one of the customers complained to her and asked her to sit down. Ronnie fired back by telling him that she is sitting down. After the movie was over, Veronica after complaining about the movie they saw, wrecked Archie's car due to her... ahem... increase in size.

Next day while Betty was fending off any more insects that might come her way, Archie just realized that it might have been Dilton's ray that grew Veronica and the beetle. So he went over to the lab, discussed more about the ray and by that time, Dilton realized that his ray doesn't work on non-living things. So Dilton is considering the fact that the ray zapped the beetle and Veronica. So they ran off to Veronica's pool party to tell Veronica what happened.

At the party, Veronica showed up and even bigger than ever. So big that she sowed all her swimsuits together. Then after cannonballing into her pool and splashing her guests, Veronica grew again. She got so big, that her temper got a hold of her and after throwing Archie into the trees, she started wrecking through the town. She soon came to Fresco's, pulled the roof off, took out some hanging dresses and pulled them all off the hanger. While holding the yellow one, she started crying and feeling sorry for her bad behavior because of her size.

Jughead soon arrived to comfort her. He even explains to her about his routine called his "evening think" and he was thinking about that night. Together, they teamed up to try and bring her back to normal.

Later at the lab even as Jughead & Veronica arrived, they along with Archie & Dilton started to think of how bring Veronica back to her normal size. While Dilton couldn't think of anything to reduce her size thinking that her growth is permanent, Jughead remembered the damaged cake and came up with a solution. Dilton quickly caught on and created a shrinking laser gun. But while the gun was constructed, the authorities were on their way to catch Veronica. After finishing the gun, Dilton zapped Veronica with it. Nothing happened at first, but as Veronica whined thinking that she will never be a size seven again, Veronica shrunk back to normal just as the authorities arrived. She told them that the giant went "that way." As a matter of thanks, Veronica invited Judghead to her next pool party to which he accepted on one condition... that Veronica doesn't eat all the burgers.

The episode ends at Pop's with Veronica wearing Jughead's clothes.


  • Moral: It's okay to be different.
  • This episode is a homage to the classic sci-fi film Attack Of The 50-foot Woman.