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Bernice Beazley

Real Name
Bernice Beazley
Bruno Beazley (husband); Bella Beazley (daughter)
Base Of Operations

Marital Status
Cafeteria Cook of Riverdale High School
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Bernice Beazley is a fictional character in the Archie Comics universe. She is the cafeteria chef of Riverdale High School. In a stereotype of high school cafeterias, Miss Beazley is portrayed as an awful cook (although Jughead Jones enjoys her cooking) who is curt and outspoken, even to the principal, Mr. Weatherbee. However, she is also portrayed as having a gentler side, especially toward the school custodian, Mr. Svenson.

Behind her back, kids will relentlessly talk about how her "exotic" dishes taste like rubber or glue. However, the students—especially Jughead—stand by her.

Miss Beazly seems to always be fighting with Mr. Weatherbee, who, although he is a heavy eater, still makes fun of Miss Beazly's cooking. A scrawny old woman, Miss Beazly attributes her thinness to a "fast food diet": "I fast from food!"

Although she is usually portrayed as cranky and sharp-tongued, she also has an emotional side which shown in an episode when she falls ill, and the school faculty decides that each of the teachers would bring in one of their best dishes to serve in the cafeteria instead of hiring a replacement cook. However, it turns out to be a disaster, as all of their creations fail miserably. In the final scene, a tearful Miss Beazly is shown sitting in bed holding a "Get Well Soon" card signed by every single student and staff member from the school.

In one story, her over-reaction to a bucket of moldy chicken wings, lead to her owning a fast food chain, named after her.

Miss Beazly has a daughter named Bella and a husband named Bruno.