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Betty and Veronica Double Digest Magazine Vol 1 185
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Appearing in "Walk the Walk"

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Synopsis for "Walk the Walk"

Betty is in a model class. The owner, Mr. Spiff, decides that Betty is good but needs more experience, but might get to be in a fashion show soon if she improves. Encouraged by this, Betty walks around as if she were on a runway all day. This makes Mr. Weatherbee feel sick, and Veronica sees her and thinks that something is up. Later in the mall, Archie notices her walk, too, and Jughead tells him that Betty is walking like that because she pulled a muscle. Archie feels bad for betty, and gives her a back rub. Midge sees this, and gives a picture of to Veronica. When Veronica sees this, she gets very mad and crushes her phone. When Veronica tracks down Betty, Betty tells Veronica that she has taken up modeling, and Veronica decides to get in on it, too. Later that day, Mr. Spiff lets Betty and Veronica into the fashion show. Backstage, Betty and Veronica get into a fight and end up limping out on stage.

Appearing in "Hide and Seek"

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Synopsis for "Hide and Seek"

Veronica and Archie walk out of a movie theater. They pass a sign for a zombie movie, which Veronica says she doesn't want to see. Betty comes by soon, and she says that she has a ticket to see it. Archie replies that he'll get one too, so they can see it together. They invite Veronica, but she tells them that she hates horror movies. Driving away, she tries to reassure herself that nothing will happen, but eventually thinks about how Betty and Archie might start holding each other in fear, and she drives back. She tries to search for them in the theater, but is too scared to keep her eyes opened. Eventually, she peeks a little bit, and sees a silhouette of two people kissing. She thinks that they are Betty and Archie, but after crawling through the theater, finds that they aren't. She continues to look for them, spotting two people leaving the theater. Veronica again thinks that it is them, so she follows. Outside of the theater, she finds two people dressed like zombies, and runs out screaming. Betty asks Archie if that was Veronica, but he replies that she would never be caught dead in a horror movie.

Appearing in "Crowning Achievement"

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Synopsis for "Crowning Achievement"

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Appearing in "Fashion Bashin"

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Synopsis for "Fashion Bashin"

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