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Hot Dog narrates and introduces the readers to Jughead, Archie, Betty, and Veronica. On their way to Pop's, a Kweekweg's Koffee truck nearly runs them over; Veronica calls her father and tells him to buy the company so he can fire the driver. The gang discovers that Pop's is being bought out by Kweekweg's; he has six weeks to pay his mortgage of $60,000 or else the bank will foreclose. Betty organizes a door-to-door awareness campaign; Veronica seems uninterested. Betty later learns that Lodge Industries owns Kweekweg's and so Veronica is the enemy.


This issue includes a reprint of "Birth of a Notion" from Betty and Veronica Vol 1 37 and a reprint of a pin-up from Archie Giant Series Magazine 32.


Kweekweg's Koffee is named after Queequeg, a character from 'Moby Dick'; it is thus a reference to Starbucks, which was also named after a character from 'Moby Dick'.

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