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Archie's Weird Mysteries
Season 1, Episode 40
Big Monster on Campus
Episode Information
Air date February 22, 2000
Chris Lundquist Jughead
Camille Schmidt Veronica
Andrew Rannells Archie
Paul Sosso Reggie
Danielle Young Betty
Ben Beck Dilton
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Little Chocklit Shoppe of Horrors

This was the 40th and final episode (30th in production order) of Archie's Weird Mysteries.


During a track and field meet against Central High, the opposing school's only athlete is able to beat all of the Riverdale High athletes, including Moose, who soon loses his confidence because of this. But Archie thinks that the athlete was a bit too good and starts an investigation on him to figure out the truth about his abilities and hopefully get Moose out of his slump.


This last story begins at Central High School, where scientist Clive Collins, who works as a coach there, is working on a secret project; one that he hopes would bring down Riverdale High and its team the Raccoons. The project is an android robot named Chuck Ogle. One night he finishes perfecting it in a Frankenstein-like manner. He's doing this as a way of paying back Riverdale High School for declaring him a science nerd.

The next morning, Moose Mason and his girlfriend Midge, walk down the street on their way to school. On the way, Betty & Veronica wish him good luck in the upcoming track and field meet; and then later, he rescues a cat (he thought it was a skunk) from a tree despite Midge's fear that Moose will fall off and kill himself. But Moose, assures that everything will be alright and he is right as he just fell off due to a broken branch. Midge praises him and loves him for his heart & compassion.

Later at the high school, Coach Kleats and the entire student body come running to Moose to show their support for him. Betty even declared this day, Moose Mason Day. This is in honor of Moose leading his team to three track championships in row, 2 1/2 years straight. As Midge walks over to the statue to get out of the way, Reggie sees an opportunity to take Midge for himself. Archie advises against it, as they know that Midge is Moose's girlfriend and will never go out with Reggie. But of course, Reggie tries to flirt with and impress her anyway. Midge naturally resists. Moose eventually spots Reggie messing with Midge and throws him to a garbage dumpster full of trash bags. Archie suggested it as Moose was looking for a soft spot to dump Reggie at.

Later that night at the meet, Moose, Archie and Reggie prep for the first event; when Dr. Clive's android Chuck Ogle arrive. The boys are surprised that he's a one man team. Before the event began, Moose said hello to Ogle and wished him good luck. But being mechanical, Ogle didn't budge, he even shook hands the wrong way; he shook his own hands and in a different way. The first event, The 100m Dash, soon begins. Ogle, starts late but quickly finishes fast, wins and didn't even break a sweat. Next event is the Long Jump, where Ogle jumps even longer than his opponents. In fact he went over the sandpit entirely. The last event was the Hammer Throw, where Ogle throws his hammer so fast, that literally hit the lights. The Riverdale High Raccoons were finally defeated. Coach Collins vows to Coach Kleats that they'll be back for the wrestling match next week as they continue to flatten Riverdale High. As they left, Moose started to feel sorry for himself.

The next day, Moose enters the school in shame. Reggie even comes by to taunt him in his Reggie Mantle manner. To make matters far more worse, Moose decides to quit sports altogether. At the track, Midge rambles at Moose not for losing, but being sorry for himself for losing. But Moose still won't budge. To make matters worse, Reggie arrives to take Midge for herself, and surprisingly Midge accepts the date. But she was doing it to make Moose jealous. It didn't work. So then, Midge turns to Archie to see if he can help. He agrees to help by having Moose as his assistant for some of his Weird Mysteries stories.

So that night, Moose & Archie went to work at once. First they try to trap Bigfoot with an apricot pie, because Archie believes that Bigfoot loves apricot pie. He wanted to videotape it to prove that Bigfoot is real and his love for apricot pie is true. But the plan was interrupted with a skunk (Moose gets cats and skunks confused as he thought it was a cat). So they run off and Bigfoot takes the pie without being videotaped. So instead, they go to a museum to trap a ghost who's been haunting there. Moose was supposed to be holding the rope, but he gave it to the ghost in question. The ghost winds up trapping them and gets away. Moose once again feels sorry for himself as he admits that he's not good at Weird Mysteries like Archie. He even wishes he was still doing sports, and he still would be if it hadn't been for Chuck Ogle. And he's think it's strange that no one has ever heard of him. This gives Archie an idea for his latest Weird Mystery. He realizes that Chuck is too good and decides to investigate.

Sometime later, Moose & Archie take their investigation to Central High after an internet search revealed that Chuck's athletic record turned up blank. They come in disguised as two substitute teachers. He sees Dr. Clive walking by chuckling, and they told him who they are. They follow him to his lab where they learn to truth. Archie learns that the ray Collins is using is a strength enhancer ray, to make his athlete more powerful. He still doesn't know that Chuck is really an android. Archie was about to go to the police when Moose knocks over a science knick-knack and thereby blowing their cover. Dr. Collins holds them prisoners in his lab as they head for Riverdale High for the upcoming wrestling match. Archie escapes the lab through the air vent and he takes the ray with him. Initially, Moose was left behind still hanging his head in shame. But realizing that Archie will get hurt at the so-called mighty hands of Chuck Ogle, Moose breaks out and heads for the school too.

Back at the school and at the gym, Ogle & Collins are ready to take Riverdale High down even more. Archie volunteers to be the first victim... uh... uh... challenger for Ogle. He claims that the ray he stole is making him powerful too. But Archie is still his plain self, as he fell down while lifting weights. That's when Dr. Clive broke the secret to Archie about Ogle. It seems that Riverdale High is finally brought down and Dr. Clive finally got his revenge, when Moose arrives to settle the score with Ogle. While the match is going on, Archie whispers the same secret Dr. Clive gave him to Coach Kleats. Eventually, Moose takes Ogle down and wins for Riverdale High. Moose congratulates Chuck for a good match and when he shakes Chuck's hand, the secret is finally out in the open. Dr. Clive is then arrested and taken to a mental facility and presumably, he got fired from Central High. Reggie then forfeits his date with Midge, gives her back to Moose and helps himself to Moose's punishment to Reggie. Midge and Moose of course make up, and Moose feels so sorry for beating Chuck, that to make up for it, he gives the now defeated robot a job at his father's store. His wage, is all the motor oil he can drink. So, Moose is back on the High School sports team and everybody feels sorry for treating him wrong and realizing that there's more to Moose than winning as well as life itself. In Archie's column, he tells his readers that everybody needs to be reminded of what is truly special about themselves and everything else.


Jughead does not appear in his episode and Betty and Veronica only appeared as background characters (although Jughead appeared in the title card as well as their sports clothes are very different from the episode itself).