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Black Hand (Earth-MLJ)

Real Name
Current Alias
the Black Hand

Unusual Features
Ghostly white skin, except for his right black hand.
First appearance
Appearance of Death

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When the Black Hand kidnapped Tom Townsend and his father John Townsend, he never realized he was also creating his own nemesis — Captain Flag.

As he was torturing them for information, Tom's father died. When the Black Hand began to strangle Tom, a giant eagle swooped down to save him by carrying him to a mountain top. At the top of the mountain, Tom healed, and with a flag in hand, vowed to do great acts of courage in the name of Glory.

Meanwhile, the Black Hand launched an unprecedented series of sabotage acts. When he heard about the legend of the early 16th Century Poet Pirate, he searched for his book of verses. The book of poems revealed the "Sandhurst Treasure" location.

When the book fell in the hands of the Black Hand. He came very close to finding the treasure, but when he swam down to explore the rusty ship's hull, his foot was snagged in seaweed. At this time, Captain Flag was in pursuit of him, and witnessed the terrible predicament the Black Hand was in, but he left him there to drown.

Days later, the Black Hand was found floating in the sea and a Navy crew rescued him. While on board, a hurricane occurred, killing the entire crew and leaving him as the sole survivor. With the ship his, he rounded up a couple of cut-throats and thieves and continued his search for the Poet Pirate's treasure.

Once again, Captain Flag was in pursuit and finally captured his foe. The Black Hand was hung at sea for his crimes.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


  • Corrosive Touch: his right hand possesses a "diseased touch" which enables him to transmit a deadly black plague to his victims.


  • His hands also have sharp claws which he uses to tear and penetrate his victim's skin.