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Cheryl Blossom (New Riverdale)

Cheryl Blossom (New Riverdale)
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Riverdale High School
Jason Blossom (twin brother); Unnamed Father;
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High School Student
Riverdale High
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Cheryl Blossom is a character in the 2015 Archie Comics line-up New Riverdale. Cheryl made her debut in issue #13 where she "befriended" Veronica in Switzerland after Veronica's father moved her away to avoid further contact with Archie. At first, Cheryl seemed to be Veronica's friend, but tricked her into believing a party for her was actually a party for another student. After realizing Cheryl was no good, the two engaged in a social war which Veronica temporarily won after her father bought out the Blossom company. However, since Cheryl's father had to work for Mr. Lodge, the Blossom's had to move to Riverdale, and Cheryl bragged about having the chance to make Veronica's friends forget about Veronica and replace her with Cheryl.

When entering America as "poor" middle-class students, Cheryl and her twin brother, Jason, carefully planned their revenge against Veronica. Cheryl, believing Archie to be an absolute legend based on Veronica's description of him, took time planning how to reach him by "befriending" friends of Veronica such as Sayid and Betty. What Cheryl didn't know was that Veronica finally convinced her father to let her come back to Riverdale if Veronica completed the semester in Switzerland. But since Cheryl moved to Riverdale, Veronica and Mr. Lodge pushed their plans forward by allowing Veronica to come home early if she finished all of her schoolwork for the semester early.

When Cheryl first met Archie, Archie was rolling down a hill stuck in a barrel of molasses. Cheryl lost control of herself and burst with laughter, mocking Archie and surprised at how the legend of Veronica's boyfriend turned out to be a clutz. Veronica immediately showed up and told Cheryl the turth about her family's money problems: Blossom's company was bought in a straight buyout involving a lot of money, which meant Cheryl and Jason's father was hiding a lot of money from his kids and they were still technically rich.

Putting their revenge against Veronica aside, Cheryl and Jason tried multiple times to find out why their father was hiding money. They even hired Jughead to do an investigation by bribing him with burgers, but he took advantage of the situation and intentionally ran the investigation poorly by asking Mr. Blossom up front. Upon confronting their father about the transaction, Mr. Blossom accidentally let loose the fact he wasn't their real father, breinging in another problem for the twins.

By coincidence, Reggie (who was jailed for causing Betty's injury in an illegal street race with Archie), met Cheryl and Jason's real father, Eddie Sheers, in jail while Eddie was to be transferred, and asked to hear his story. After being released from jail, Reggie decided to use the fact that Cheryl's father was a jailbird to his advantage. However, Eddie escaped from jail, and before Reggie could announce to everyone at the prom the truth about Cheryl and Jason, Eddie arrived and held the entire school at gunpoint. After telling Cheryl and Jason to call their parents for money, the twins believed their problems with living as middle-class citizens was solved, but Eddie revealed he didn't care about his children at all and that their mother left him because of it. (#25 - #31)

Archie attempted to stop the hostage situation after his friends gave him a plan to sneak across the room and reach the speakers so he can play a very loud note and disarm Eddie. While the plan was really to "weaponize Archie's bad luck," the plan backfired and Archie's bad luck turned into good luck since he was able to reach the speakers without any distractions that would disarm Eddie. Upon nearly being shot, Reggie took the guitar and played the loud note, rescuing the Blossom twins in the process. The twins kicked Eddie down and tied him up. After Betty tried to confront the twins, Cheryl flung herself into Betty's arms claiming "the nightmare was over." (#32)


Cheryl shares her manipulative and selfish personality with her twin brother, Jason, and often plans pranks and revenge with him; this personality trait is probably inherited from her real father, Eddie Sheers. She is able to act like a "good girl" well enough to make others trust her. She also gets very angry when someone manipulates her, such as when she was angry with Jughead for tricking her into giving him free burgers without doing anything, and when she confronted Cliff Blossom about hiding money.

Powers and Abilities

Cheryl's skills of manipulation are her greatest strength. She's able to relate to people quickly in order to take advantage of them and milk information from them.