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A list of the characters appearing in the Archie Comics.

Have Change of Years from MLJ Comics to Archie comics now in their 80 years back in 2019 and Still going.

The Archie's gang[]


  • Archie Andrews, main character, a typical red-headed teenage boy with a great interest in dating. He tends to be clumsy and accident prone. Archie usually goes on dates with Betty and Veronica, but also flirts with the others girl of Riverdale, or of the neighbour cities such as Sabrina and Cheryl
  • Betty Cooper, the blonde girl next door, is a good student, popular in the city for her charisma, athlete, cook, and auto mechanic. She is obsessive about her major crush, Archie. She's also best friends and rival of Veronica
  • Veronica "Ronnie/Ron" Lodge, the rich, stuck-up girl. Betty's best friend and rival for Archie's affections. She's goes out with Archie, like Betty, but is usually seen flirting with Reggie and Jason
  • Forsythe Pendleton "Jughead" Jones III, Archie's best friend, Jughead is sarcastic, obsessed with eating, lazy, and apathetic towards girls; however he is also portrayed to be very clever and knowledgeable on a wide variety of subjects, being second only to Dilton Doiley.
  • Reginald "Reggie" Mantle III, the self-confident practical joker who can date anyone he wants. He is Archie's rival in both sports and the contest for the affections of Veronica.


  • Frederick "Fred" Andrews, Archie's father who is pear-shaped, old-fashioned, and balding.
  • Mary Andrews, Archie's typical all-American suburban mother.
  • Hiram Lodge, Veronica's rich father; who often dreads meeting Archie due to Archie's clumsiness and knack for causing him trouble.
  • Hermione Lodge, Veronica's mother. Appears far less frequently than her husband, and rarely plays a significant role in most of the stories. She is mostly involved in charity work (also been called Julie circa 1980s).
  • Hal Cooper, Betty's middle-class but hard-working father who works as a druggist.
  • Alice Cooper, a caring, highly supportive mother to her daughters and son
  • Forsythe Pendleton Jones II, Jughead's father (referred to as Timothy Jones in one story), who looks just like his son, only older and balding.
  • Gladys Jones, Mother of Jellybean and Jughead.


  • Marmaduke "Moose"/"Big Moose" Mason (earlier Moose McGee and in at least one story in the 50s, Moose gives his real name as "Merton Matowski."), a muscular star athlete who is a poor student and is possessive about his girlfriend, Midge. He also is known to be dyslexic.
  • Midge Klump, Moose's girlfriend, who often gets annoyed at Moose because of his over-protection towards her. (earlier "Midge Collins")
  • Dilton Donald "Dilly" Doiley, the very intelligent nerd and inventor.
  • Ethel Muggs (earlier Ethel Dinklehof), a tall, stringy, somewhat dorky but goodhearted teenager who always tries to win over Jughead, albeit unsuccessfully.
  • Chuck Clayton, an African-American athlete and cartoonist.
  • Nancy Woods, Chuck's girlfriend and a energetic friend of the gang.
  • Toni Topaz, Jughead's rival and friend, is also known to be bisexual
  • Jellybean Jones, Jughead's little sister
  • Polly Cooper, Betty's older sister
  • Cheryl Blossom, lives in the neighbour city and is often seen in Riverdale to flirt the boys and annoy the girls. Cheryl has a twin named Jason and also competes sometimes for Archie's affections
  • Jason Blossom, Cheryl's twin and he's often seen flirting with Veronica
  • Kevin Keller, the first openly gay character in Archie Comics, he moved to Riverdale and became friends with the gang

Faculty of Riverdale High[]

  • Waldo Weatherbee, the school principal, popularly referred to as 'The Bee'. He is often a victim of Archie's clumsiness, and the latter frequently finds himself in detention.
  • Geraldine Grundy, a teacher at Riverdale High. Usually portrayed as an English teacher. She mostly teaches every subject not including gym or chemistry. Most students consider her as a "nice" or "good" teacher. She is an older lady with white coloured hair. She has a brief fling with Archie even though it is something that is highly frowned upon.
  • Benjamin Flutesnoot, science teacher (also band teacher in Little Archie).
  • Coach Kleats, the head physical education teacher. He only teaches football and baseball.
  • Coach Harry Clayton,Chuck's dad, also a physical education teacher. He is the basketball coach.
  • Miss Bernice Beazley, the somewhat grouchy school cafeteria cook. No one likes her food besides Jughead. No one likes her but herself.
  • Mr. Svenson, Swedish school custodian. He often stays at school when it is closed and cleans. A lot of the students like him and try to help him if he has problems. He also has a girlfriend named Olga.
  • Other faculty members.
  • Later Archie and Friends

As same are Frequently appearing characters and also Less frequently appearing characters

Town in Riverdale[]

As same are Frequently appearing characters and also Less frequently appearing characters

Town in Greendale


Sabrina Spellman The Witch

Katrina Spellman Evil Twin 1990

Sabrina Spellman Time Traveller ( Chilling Adventures of Sabina)

SABRINA Longstar (Chilling Adventures of Sabrina)



Hilda Spellman


Ambrose Spellman

Sabrina has others in her life.


SALEM saberhagen - Human form to Cat 🐈 for causing Trouble as a HUMAN.

As same are Frequently appearing characters and also Less frequently appearing characters


  • Vegas, Archie's dog.
  • Hot Dog, Jughead's faithful pet dog.
  • Vader, Reggie's dog
  • SALEM SABERHAGEN Sabrina's Cat REFERRED to Warlock and Sabrina Spellman and the SALEM Trails as this is before Archie gang back in 1692 in USA

As same are Frequently appearing characters and also Less frequently appearing characters


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