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Archie's Weird Mysteries
Season 1, Episode 16
Episode Information
Air date January 17, 2000
Chris Lundquist Jughead
Camille Schmidt Veronica
Andrew Rannells Archie
Paul Sosso Reggie
Danielle Young Betty
Ben Beck Dilton
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Misfortune Hunters

This was the 16th episode of Archie's Weird Mysteries.


Archie is in no condition to type his latest weird mystery story, not only because his laptop is ruined due to Reggie's harassment and his fingers hurt, but also because he's got nothing for his story. So in desperation, he turns to Dr. Beaumont to borrow his laptop. He initially volunteers Jughead and later Veronica to do the typing for him, but neither one are up for it. So Reggie volunteers to type and wants to play the biggest prank on Archie he has ever done, which is to write a phoney story and putting his name on it and causing him to be ridiculed. But in doing so, he lets a evil genie hiding in there escape and causing anything he writes to come to life. Why does Reggie always do these things, and how will Riverdale get out of this mess?