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General Information[]

Super Name Darkling
Real Name Darla Lang
Aliases Darla Lang
Publisher Red Circle
Creators None
Gender Female
Character Type Human
First Appearance The Mighty Crusaders #3
Appears in 13 issues
Birthday n/a
Died None
Powers Dimensional Manipulation


Power Item


Unarmed Combat

The mysterious Darkling first appeared during the Crusaders epic battle against the combined forces of Eterno, the Brain Emperor and the Malevolent Legion of Juggernauts. She aided the team with her mystic cloak and was quickly accepted into their ranks. Darkling never revealed anything about herself, though she seemed to forge a quick friendship with Kim Brand, aka Flygirl.

Serious without being overbearing, Darkling was a sensual woman with an appreciation for the paranormal. During the alien invasion that united the Crusaders with Thunder Bunny, it was Darkling who sensed that the rabbit hero was not a threat to the Earth. She also proved her usefulness in dispatching the Druid when the mystic villain attempted to steal the Jaguar's magical belt.

Sudden Death[]

Unfortunatley, Darkling's promising career as a hero came to an abrupt end when the evil Brain Emperor returned with the Riot Squad at his side. Seeing that Darkling posed a threat to him, the Brain Emperor wiped her mind clean and left her floating adrift in Limbo.


Darla reappered as member of the Dark Circle's iteration of the Mighty Crusaders. This time with a more somber attittude and less friendly behavior. Also, it seems like her powers are now part of her. In her interaction with  Dream Demon, it was revealed than both knew from previous adventures.

Powers & Weapons[]

Darkling's Cloak is a mystic artifact she uses the cloak as a melee weapon, trapping oppponents inside and then teleporting them away