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Debbie, with no surname given, was one of two girls introduced in the late '80s Jughead book, creating a new "Love Triangle", but for the previously woman-hating Jughead Jones.

Debbie initially came off as a cool rocker-chick with a short haircut & bangs, first attracting Jughead, who was stunned at first sight ("She was cute!" he thinks to himself, blushing). They share similar interests and make a good connection, but very quickly Joani Jummp, Jughead's old love, moves to Riverdale, forming a triangle. After this point, Debbie no longer showcases her old fandoms, but instead hangs off of Jughead with a loving demeanor.

Joani receives one or two more storylines of focus while Debbie does not, and in the final issue of the story arc, she is seen enraged at Jughead for standing her up to hang out at Debbie's house. Jughead tells Archie that his response was poor when she asked him if he'd come over ("Well, that depends on what you're having...") and dumps him for good. The next page sees her talking to an actual line of teen boys seeking to ask her out ("Carry your books, Debbie?"), congratulating him for dumping Jughead. She jokes "one at a time, boys!" and gladly accepts all the flirting and come-ons, effectively becoming single. She never appears in a story again.

Debbie's only other appearance was as a one-off in the Civil Chore storyline that featured a ton of cameos in one page by Fernando Ruiz- she stands alongside Joani, her one-time rival.