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Archie's Weird Mysteries
Season 1, Episode 23
Dream Girl
Episode Information
Air date January 27, 2000
Chris Lundquist Jughead
Camille Schmidt Veronica
Andrew Rannells Archie
Paul Sosso Reggie
Danielle Young Betty
Ben Beck Dilton
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Green Eyed Monster

This was the 23rd episode of Archie's Weird Mysteries.


There's a new girl in Archie's life, but she only exists in his dreams and apparently everybody elses, including Betty's & Veronica's, as she scares them into leaving Archie alone and keeping him for herself. Will she succeed or will the gang bring her down before something else happens?


This story, begins at a special event, where Veronica is being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for her work in the fashion world. Miss Grundy is so delighted, that she sobs tears of joy, much to some audience members dismay as they were seen leaving the auditorium. But while Ronnie was making her speech, a voice yells to Ronnie that her doom is near. Veronica thought it was one of her jealous fashion competitors, but it was really an unidentified demon. Veronica screams in fear, but before she was attacked, Veronica wakes up, as this happy moment turned deadly was really a dream. So Veronica was really having a nightmare. Veronica reveals that this has been going on for while, as she couldn't take this madness anymore.

The following day at Riverdale High, Archie questions Jughead as to why he didn't show up for lunch. Jughead says he was doing research in the library, in preparation of his oral presentation on the history of the hamburger the following week. Archie is not pleased with what Jughead was doing as was supposed to be with Jughead at lunchtime. Jughead warns Archie that he cannot take it granted that Jughead will always be with Archie for the same things everyday. Then a tired & dis-shoveled Veronica arrives and is asked by Archie to get ready for their date later that night. Veronica says its short notice. But Archie says that they always date on Fridays and that he dates Betty on Saturdays. Archie notices that Veronica looks terrible; that's because she hasn't been sleeping lately as she points out. Archie then advises her to get some rest and get ready to see a kung-fu movie that night. Then Veronica says that she can't see Archie anymore, let alone that night and sadly says goodbye forever, effectively breaking up with him. Archie isn't happy about Veronica chickening out on her, so he thinks about taking Betty out on both Fridays & Saturday. Before class, Betty tells Archie that she can't go out with him that night as she tutors every Friday, much to his disappointment.

Soon, Miss Grundy arrives and class begins. Class begins with Dilton Doiley introducing his latest invention. This one focuses on dreams, as he has a theory that either dreams are figments of our imagination while sleeping, or do they happen another dimension and as real as our own. Jughead jokingly fears that he owes Pop Tate for all the hamburgers he ate in all his dreams. Then Dilton reveals his latest invention, the Dream Monitoring Helmet. He even asks for a volunteer to help him work his newest device. Big Ethel quickly volunteers and requests that Dilton changes the bad dreams she's been having. Her dreams saw Ethel being chased all over town by a demon named Arnie. But she wanted to be chased by Jughead instead, much to Jughead's chagrin.

Later that night, Archie wonders why Veronica dumped him like that, and Betty's is more concerned with her tutoring than Archie. Archie fears that nothing goes right for him, and he hopes that tomorrow will be a different story. Then Archie starts to dream. At the beginning of his dream, he jumps over a puddle. He didn't notice that it's a dream until afterward. He then decides to have fun with it. Archie then arrives to class late and gives Miss Grundy a late note saying that he was playing golf with the president and won. Archie then proves Einstein's unified field theory. His friends root for him as he write it down on the chalkboard. Finally, he finishes and he has mathematically proven that Archie is the center of attention and that everyone should always do what he wants & asks. Miss Grundy then gives Archie a College diploma, guaranteeing that he never goes to school again. Archie's friends are delighted for him and he is delighted that everything is now going his way and that's the way he thinks it should always be. After leaving the school, Archie flies over to Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe, literally. When he arrives, he meets a girl named Maria Noct, who is seated in a booth with food already served. Maria asks Archie how he likes his dream thus far, and he likes it every much. Maria says she made it just for him and introduces herself. Archie admires her cuteness and is wowed by the way his imagination runs. Maria tells Archie that she's her new boyfriend and doesn't want him to go out with anyone else. Soon it is time for Archie to wake up. Archie likes the dream he had, he's only sorry that it isn't real. Little did Archie realize that Maria alone is real and that this is all part of her plan to take Archie for herself; and that she's dumped her old boyfriend because of him.

The next night at Pop's Betty informs Archie that she has decided to reschedule her tutoring night, allowing her to be available the dance next Friday night. But unfortunately, while Betty is at home studying in her bedroom, she fell into a deep sleep presumably by Maria herself, as Betty went into the dream realm. Maria orders Betty to stay away from Archie, for that he is hers forever, or she will give Betty nightmare forever and ever. At first Betty resisted, but Maria proves her seriousness by attacking Betty with literal Nightmares (horses). They chase her to a dead end alley, cornering her. At last Betty frighteningly gives up. Still frightened over Maria's threats, Betty calls Archie to tell that the date is off. Again Archie is upset, as bad things keep happening to him. He even hopes that this is all a bad dream and hopes to wake up the next day and see that everything goes back to normal. Then Archie started to dream again; there, Maria rubs Archie back and tells him that she appreciates him more than Betty & Veronica. But Archie likes Betty & Veronica as he then says, he even tells Maria that she isn't even real. This makes Maria angry, so angry that she reveals her evil plan to Archie. She says that she took one look at Archie in one of his dreams and quickly went gaga over him. So she dumped her old boyfriend, started scaring Betty & Veronica and gave Archie nothing but good dreams. Finally, Maria is so frustrated that she gave Archie nightmares as well.

So one day at school, Archie is so tired & dis-shoveled, that he had to be escorted by Jughead. Archie couldn't even stop talking about her. Jughead explains to Betty that Archie hasn't slept for more 60 hours because of her. Betty tells Jughead that she's the same Maria Noct who's been bothering Betty in her dreams, she even says that even Veronica has been having bad dreams with her in them. Finally in desperation, the gang went to Dilton's lab to see him and see if he can do anything about it.

At the lab after the gang told him their story, Dilton explains that this just about confirms his theory, even while studying Ethel. He finds that the dream realm is just another dimension, where everyone's dream cells go to when they sleep. He also finds that the dream realm contains independent lifeforms and Maria as well as the Arnie monster who's been chasing Big Ethel around in her dreams lately, are two of them. Dilton couldn't figure out a way to stop them from entering their dreams, so in desperation, the gang decides to enter the dream world together, to gang up on Maria and stop her from tampering with their dreams ever again. Archie in advance, thanks his friends for helping him despite him taking them for granted lately. So, Dilton equips the gang with extra dream helmets, presses a button on his remote control and they all enter into a deep sleep state, giving them access to the dream realm. Dilton can even communicate them from the outside.

In the dream realm while searching for Maria, Maria finds them instead and she's as mad as before, especially now that she sees them altogether. Naturally, the gang is fed up with Maria antics and are about ready to attack, when the ultimately powerful Maria produces her magic wand, sending Betty, Veronica & Jughead into their nightmares of their worst fears. Veronica becomes poor, Betty turns dumb (complete with a valley girl accent) and Jughead gets chased by monstrous hamburgers. Worse yet, Maria even casts a spell, giving the gang eternal slumber. While Maria will not let Archie go at all, she will only let the others go if Archie gives in to being Maria's permanent boyfriend. Otherwise, everyone will have nightmares for life. So needless to say, Archie resigns to being Maria's new boyfriend and asks Maria to bring the others back to normal, so that he could say goodbye. Little does Maria know, that Archie is planning a counterattack, not only by ordering to have his friends return to their normal state, but also to get Dilton to hook Big Ethel and Arnie into the same dream, so that the monster might turn on Maria instead. But believe it or not, Arnie is the old boyfriend of Maria's in question. So when he arrived, Arnie pleads Maria to take him back as her boyfriend so that they can scare others together. Maria initially refused, but when Arnie mentions about people in Tahiti sleeping and dreaming at this moment, she thought it over, and decides to go back with Arnie. Archie is delighted and asks the now rekindled couple to let everybody go and wake up. Before they did, Arnie now declares Archie a special friend and does not want him to have anymore nightmares while he's around. Shortly after, everyone is awake and everybody's nightmares courtesy of Maria are now over.

In his column, Archie tells his readers that he has learned a valuable lesson about treating his friends with respect and not taking them for granted. He has also learned a lesson about being the central focus at certain times but not all times, as that's how he might have gotten Maria's attention in the first place. So he vows never to act like the center of attention again. (YAWN!) Looks like it time for everyone to get a good night sleep. Good night folks!