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Fu Chang (Earth-MLJ)

Fu Chang (Earth-MLJ)
Real Name
Fu Chang
Current Alias
Fu Chang
Tay Ming (wife);
Base Of Operations
San Francisco

Chinese American
Marital Status
Private Detective
Joe Blair, Lynn Steeter
First appearance
Last appearance

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Fu Chang (Earth-MLJ)

Fu Chang was a an American educated international private detective living in the Chinatown district of San Francisco, California during the 1940's.

One day he encountered a scene where a man known as the Dragon was attempted to force a woman named Tay Ming to marry him in order to save her father from being convicted of a murder of a Chinese sailor.

Tay Ming (Earth-MLJ) of Pep Comics Vol 1 9 0001

Tay Ming comes to adore Fu Chang and learns that he is to be assassinated by the members of the Tiger Devil Worship Cult in order to pave the way for the Tiger Devil to come to Chinatown and rule the world. As she races to warn him, the cultists find him first and knock him unconscious and throw him into the bay to drown. Tay Ming saves him and together they consult his family God who sends the Chess pieces out to battle the demon and help defeat him.

Later Fu Chang and his fiance, Tay Ming, encounter the drug dealer named Ghor, who was poisoning the people of Chinatown, many of whom were committing suicide due to their addiction to the drug. Ghor even attempted to make Tay Ming become addicted to his drugs also, but she was saved by Fu Chang.

Princess Ling Foy (Earth-MLJ) pf Pep Comics -5

Ling Foy

Next Princess Ling Foy sent her Bronze warriors to attack and murder members of the Ti Yan Tong, of which Fu Chang is a member. As she is defeated by Fu Chang, she decides that she wants him for herself and attempts to remove his fiance from the picture. When that failed, she then attacked Fu Chang magically and weakened him severely, however, she was fatally shot by Tay Ming, who saved her beloved.

Joodar (Earth-MLJ) of Pep Comics Vol 1 7 0001

Joodar the Evil

Fu Chang's greatest enemy of all, is the evil magician named Joodar with whom he has battled on multiple occasions. On one such occasion, Joodar magically summoned water demons to try and take over the Chinatown of San Francisco. However, he is discovered by Fu Chang and his beloved Tay Ming as they were having a romantic stroll on the beach in the moonlight. Joodar commanded the water demons to kill Fu Chang and take Tay Ming out into the waters of San Francisco bay and hold her there for him. Fu Chang survived and again confronted Joodar and knocked him out with one punch. Then with his chess pieces, Fu Chang uses clay pellets to destroy the water demons and free his beloved.

On another occasion Joodar used his genius level intellect to create scientifically altered insects to infect the citizens of Chinatown with various deadly diseases. The evil magician released the insects to plague the residents of Chinatown with mysterious illnesses. Once again he was defeated by Fu Chang with the aid of his Chess Pieces and his beloved Tay Ming.

Fu Chang then ran into the operation of Portygee the Hooker. He was a smuggler of Chinese slaves into San Francisco, California and sometimes hid his victims inside the carcasses of sharks in order to fool the port authorities. Portygee worked with the Police Commissioner to cover up his activities, but they were both eventually discovered and defeated.

Lizard Men (Earth-MLJ) from Pep Comics 9

Lizard Men

Later Fu Chang discovered a map hidden in his honorable father's pocket watch to a buried treasure that was hidden on Money Pit Island. So Fu Chang hires a vessel called the "Merry Mac" and hires a crew to sail with him and Tay Ming to the island to recover the treasure. Upon reaching the island, they found the location of the treasure chest and dug it up only to be attacked by the Lizard Men who forced Fu Chang and his men to abandon the chest and flee back to the "Merry Mac." Later he had his flying chess pieces go and retrieve the treasure one piece at a time and bring it to his ship.

The "Merry Mac" then sails to China so that Fu Chang can return the treasure to the Temple of Hutuk-Tu from where it had been stolen centuries earlier. Under heavily guarded caravan, Fu Chang and company traveled to the temple, all the while they were being plotted against by the bandit, Lu Fung. Lu Fung waited until the time they reached the temple before attempting to steal the treasure, but he was frightened by Fu Chang's magical chess men and ran away in terror.

After Lu Fung departs from their lives, Fu Chang and Tay Ming aid the Abbott of the Temple in order to save it from other thieves who would steal from them.

The subsequent fate of Fu Chang and Tay Ming remains a mystery. It is unknown if ever married or if they remained in China or returned to San Francisco's Chinatown district in the United States.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Genius Level Intellect



Magical Chess Pieces


Fu Chang owned a car and a speed boat.