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Archie's Weird Mysteries
Season 1, Episode 24
Green Eyed Monster
Episode Information
Air date January 28, 2000
Chris Lundquist Jughead
Camille Schmidt Veronica
Andrew Rannells Archie
Paul Sosso Reggie
Danielle Young Betty
Ben Beck Dilton
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This was the 24th episode of Archie's Weird Mysteries.


There's a beach party occurring at Pelican Cove. But a lady sea monster lives there, and she a has an apparent thing for red headed guys because she's going after Archie and keeping him for herself. His two ladies Betty & Veronica will not stand for this despite their jealousy towards each other. Now they will have to bury that jealousy and work together to save Archie before the creature turns him into her own king of the sea.


One night out in Pelican Cove, a fisherman is on his boat, fishing & minding his own business. But as he pulls up the net to see how many fish caught, he pulls up a green lady sea monster named Dorsa Fin (a pun on the name Dorsal Fin). She checks his hair and finds that the fisherman is a blonde. She apparently doesn't like blondes and destroys his boat after throwing him into the sea. Luckily, the fisherman swam for shore.

The next morning at Pop's diner, Archie comes in to tell a napping Jughead what he has found. But Betty stops him before he can wake Jughead up. That's so she can get Archie's attention by asking him if he has found somebody for his date to the upcoming Spring Break Beach Party at Pelican Cove on Saturday night. He's hasn't decided yet and he's about to tell her what he has found, when Veronica drags him away from Betty. She even lies by saying that Betty hates fish. He then tells Veronica about the incident at Pelican Cove where the party will be. He even tells her that fisherman have disappeared from there for 200 years. Betty drags Archie back and a major fight ensued between the two girls, with poor Archie stuck in the middle. Luckily, Jughead woke up and saves Archie from their fight and running out of the diner in the process.

Later, the boys went to the cove. Archie was hoping to do more investigating, but he couldn't as he couldn't get the two girls off his mind, nor could he decide who to take to the party. Worse yet, he is tired of seeing the girls fight each other over him and never deciding who to like more and wishes to mold them both together to create one perfect girl and avoid any further fights and jealousy. Little do they know that Dorsa is watching them this whole time and overhears what Archie is saying and even learns his name. And to make matters worse, she likes him for his red hair, meaning that she only likes red haired men. So as the boys leave the cove, Dorsa devises a way to get Archie for herself by changing her appearance by drinking a special potion.

Later at school, the girl's fighting each other gets worse. For there were more lies and a prank played by Veronica on Betty, even mocking her size with an oversized dress. But it gets stopped by Mr. Weatherbee. The principal wonders what the fighting was about; Betty lies by saying they're rehearsing for a play. Weatherbee says it's poor behavior for the new transfer student to see on her first day. He introduces her to the kids and she quickly grows acquainted to Archie. She even complements him about his red hair. Needless to say that the girls aren't too happy about Dorsa falling over Archie and vice versa. So they decide to put aside their differences and work together to take Dorsa down.

They start by locking Dorsa in a janitor's closet, only she breaks herself out of it. Archie, who is busy writing his latest weird mystery story sees the broken door and quickly realizes that both Betty & Veronica tried to lock her in. Then Archie & Dorsa sits by the tree, but Betty & Veronica are in the tree, dumping a large pie made just for Dorsa. Dorsa quickly evades the pie. Archie has had enough of their jealous antics and teaches them a lesson by asking Dorsa to come with him to the party. Dorsa quickly says yes. Archie told the girls to not be jealous anymore and the newly formed couple walks away.

Angered by Archie dumping them both, the girls devote their time to investigate Dorsa Fin and found some interesting things: They learn that all the fish in the fish market and pet store have been released, with Dorsa eating the earlier and dumping the latter into the city fountain; nobody's hair was dyed green by any hair stylist within the past year and that the dye might have been used up; Dorsa doesn't eat hamburgers but does eat flies like frogs. Finally, they speak with the fisherman on Archie's behalf and he tells them in addition to his sea monster encounter from the other night, that Pelican Cove is littered with caves & grottoes. This leads them to believe that Dorsa is the same sea monster who attacked the fisherman that night.

The girls tell Archie about their findings, but Archie doesn't believe them and kicks them out of the diner. Betty says it's because that Archie is so use to the girls fighting each other and their jealousy that he doesn't want to believe them anymore. The girls made one last attempt to get Archie to believe them, by exposing Dorsa's true self by dumping water on her. The water partially reveals her real self as her fin grows back. But Dorsa rubs the water off and her arm is restored before Archie could see it. Now Archie hopes that they never see Ronnie or Betty at the party tonight.

The night of the party has now arrived and the girls are waiting behind the rocks for the couple to show up. So they arrive and Archie wants to hang with others, eat snacks and stuff, but Dorsa demands that she & Archie go for a swim out in the cove. Archie eventually gives in and they go out into the water. Betty & Veronica jump out from behind the rock to stop Archie, but they were too late. Dorsa changes back to her normal self and kidnaps Archie and scaring away the party goers in the process. Archie at last believes the girls as he was being carried away. But Betty & Veronica do not give up that easily and hurry off to find an entrance to her cave.

Dorsa & Archie arrive back to her cave and explains why she kidnaps Archie. She reveals her love for red headed dudes and hates living alone. So she finds one redhead to stay with her as her husband. (Archie thought she kidnaps redheads and turn them into slaves.) But they die off after several years with her. According to the pictures on her wall, she has kidnapped five already and making Archie number six. She chains Archie to make sure he never escapes. But Betty & Veronica arrives to save him. They start by flashing a flashlight on her but that didn't work too well. Then Betty unsheathes a spray can filled with liquified oil. For prior to going to Pelican Cove they spoke with Dilton Doiley, and he told them that sea creatures like her hate getting messed up by yucky natural elements. So Betty sprays the stuff on Dorsa and dives into the water to wash it off (though some would say that the stuff actually kills her). Archie is grateful to the girls and thanks them for rescuing him. Their partnership briefly gets terminated as Veronica wants to leave the cave with Archie, but Betty wants to do the same. So naturally they start to fight again, but Archie stops it by asking the girls have they not learned their lesson. They quickly realize that Archie's right, and that their fights and jealousy with each other was what caused all the trouble to begin with. So all three of them leave the cave together, tell the coast guard what happened and presumably, the party continues uninterrupted. And that's how Archie escaped the clutches of a sea creature named Dorsa Fin.

In Archie's Weird Mysteries Column, he tells his readers that the following day found Veronica hiring a crew to seal up the caves & holes; guaranteeing that the creature will never come back. Personal note: GOOD RIDDANCE, DORSA! ENJOY YOUR LIFE OF LONELINESS! And get this, Veronica paid off their services with a credit cod ...uh ...uh card. But silliness and ranting aside: The trio went out to dinner at a non seafood restaurant later that night. And Betty & Veronica did learn a valuable lesson, which was to not to get too jealous with each other, or people will never be able to trust you again.


  • Moral: If your actions are based off jealousy, people won't trust you.
  • This episode references several terms:
    • "Green-Eyed Monster" means a jealous person; relating to how Veronica and Betty fight over who Archie should take to the beach party.
    • The episode's name also has a literal meaning to the episode's main antagonist; Dorsa Finn literally has green eyes and is a sea monster.