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Hal Cooper


Hal Cooper

Real Name
Harold Cooper
Current Alias
Hal Cooper
Alice Cooper (wife); Chick Cooper (son); Polly Cooper & Betty Cooper (daughters)
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Hal Cooper is the husband of Alice, and the father of Chick, Betty and Polly. In the first Archie appearance (Pep Comics #22, December 1941), Betty's father is called J.B. Cooper. In one frame, he calls a portrait of his to be "in Lodge uniform". This implies that he belonged to a fraternal order (like the Masons); later in the same story, he is shown to be present when a high-wire act in which Archie was involved goes wrong. He is shown wearing said lodge uniform. J.B. Cooper is also shown to be quite a bit older than his later avatars.

In later stories, Betty’s father is shown working as a druggist and is called Hal Cooper. Although he has only a middle-class income, he is a good provider for his family. He is also a highly respected citizen, very civic-minded, and serves on the town council. He is a somewhat rotund man and, for a time, his hair was white and thinning. By the 1990s, he was given light brown hair with early signs of baldness. In some early stories he was seen smoking a pipe, but it has been deleted where such stories have been reprinted.

He once believed in gender stereotypes, but in later years, he and Betty are seen sharing many activities, and he appears to be the one who introduced her to sports. Though he is sometimes frustrated with his daughter’s antics, such as her obsession with Archie, he loves her very much and is proud of her achievements. Even so, he is often perplexed by the female nature, especially since his son Chic moved out and he became the only male in the Cooper household. He doesn't approve of Archie's occasional inconsideration of Betty's feelings.


All information concerning the New Riverdale version of Hal Cooper should be done at this location Hal Cooper (New Riverdale).


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