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Archie's Weird Mysteries
Season 1, Episode 33
Halloween of Horror
Episode Information
Air date October 30, 1999
Chris Lundquist Jughead
Camille Schmidt Veronica
Andrew Rannells Archie
Paul Sosso Reggie
Danielle Young Betty
Ben Beck Dilton
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This was the 33rd episode of Archie's Weird Mysteries and the final part of a three part series where Veronica goes head to head with a vampire named Scarlet.


It was Halloween night and Veronica is having a Halloween party. But the party turned into a nightmare when the vampires return yet again and Veronica's vampire nemesis Scarlet Helsing may not be her enemy after all. Let's hope things will turn out alright in the end.


Scarlet: Why don't you recognize me?, I'm Scarlet Helsing.

all: SCARLET?!

Scarlet: Medlock betrayed me, he stole my life force cast aside like a useless toy.